3 Creative Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand (name, logo, slogan) is recognized by its target audience. A good brand awareness strategy is an important part of any comprehensive marketing plan. Building brand awareness requires creativity and effort in order to help a brand stand out in the market. 

Three methods to build a better brand awareness

1. Leveraging influencers

Leveraging influencers is an effective brand-building tool for companies aiming to boost brand awareness. Influencers are well-connected with many members of the brand’s target audience, and if the brand works with the right influencer, it can benefit from a wider scope in terms of brand reach and exposure. By partnering with an authentic influencer and selecting the appropriate messaging that resonates with their followers, brands can help champion their mission, values and products to drive brand recall amongst their consumers. 

Leveraging influencers gives brands greater control over who they entrust to promote their brand identity, helping them form deep and meaningful bonds with potential customers. In turn, this will naturally promote loyalty amongst followers to create brand advocates that will continue to spread awareness. However, to learn how to leverage influencers, you should master the art of leveraging social media because it could be a crucial platform for reaching them out.

2. Managing customer reviews

Leveraging customer reviews is a great way to build brand awareness. Every positive review of your brand increases brand credibility and gives your business more credibility in the marketplace. When customers feel they can trust your brand, they’re more likely to purchase your product or service. Companies should take an active role in managing their customer reviews to maximize brand engagement and recognition. 

Responding to customer feedback in a timely manner shows respect for them, allowing them to be heard while demonstrating that their opinion matters. Monitor comments on social media, post-purchase survey responses, and other avenues where customers will provide feedback. Doing so allows companies to better understand what customers want and how the brand can better meet their needs which can help build brand loyalty and brand trust. In this way, managing customer reviews is an essential part of building brand awareness for any business. In this matter, your social media manager and customer care representatives should carefully analyze customer reviews.

3. Producing helpful content

Producing helpful content is a great way to build brand awareness. It gives people a reason to seek out your brand, as it provides value and variety to their lives. Content can range from educational guides and tutorials to humorous anecdotes, fun facts, and creative storytelling that engages the reader in some way. Through quality content optimized for SEO that serves as a helpful resource for customers and prospects alike, companies can gradually grow brand awareness by consistently providing useful information that can be shared and discussed in various outlets, both online and offline. 

By targeting relevant topics with up-to-date information about your brand and its services, companies can establish more credibility in the industry while simultaneously broadening the visibility of their brand across platforms.

4. Create and maintain a strong email marketing strategy

An ad campaign can help create brand awareness and bring visitors to the website and often at high costs, but what you do with your visits defines the rest of the buyer’s journey. A strong email marketing ensures that every website visit takes the user further towards a conversion and even beyond and then interacts with the potential and existing customer at different touch points. Collecting a user email immediately as a user visits a website ensures that even if they leave the website without doing anything immediately, a series of emails can be triggered to the user based off of that email. For example, an Automated Welcome Email can be sent to the user to help start a relationship with the user, introducing them to the brand and orienting them with the products. But if they leave the website after adding products to cart but not checkout, a cart abandon email or emails can be sent to encourage them to complete their purchase. As long as a company has a real email in its marketing armour, the possibilities for extending the customer’s lifetime value are endless.


Influencers can help spread brand awareness among large audiences, while customer reviews and testimonials give current customers direct insight into the brand. High-quality content that educates or entertains viewers become instrumental in maintaining brand recognition as it keeps customers engaged and aware of the brand’s presence. With all these tactics combined, companies will find building brand awareness becomes more profitable over time as it strengthens customer relationships, grows business visibility, and boosts sales numbers.



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