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35 Stunning Wildlife Birds Photography

Wildlife always seems adventurous and interesting if we consider it according to picturesque aspect.  World’s top photographers prefer to add wildlife photography collections in their portfolio in order to enhance their experience as well as their reputation as an expert photographer. However, it is not an easy task to become expert in wildlife birds photography especially as you need comprehensive skill compared to other photographic fields.

It is something intensely challenging to capture the running, crawling animals or rapidly flying birds and to capture shots when they are attacking their prey. It is also key to learn about the behavior and attitude of birds to get stunning photography shots. Additionally, you will be ready to meet diverse challenges and dangers if you are deciding to collect some wildlife photos.

The accuracy, sturdiness and patience are the ultimate combination of a wildlife photographer’s personality. So try to hold most or all of these traits in your personality if you are willing to be an expert. By considering all these essential factors, you can be expert wildlife photographer for sure. If you are focusing solely on bird photography, then I suggest you to seek sturdiness and accuracy, because their traits will help you a lot in capturing photos of birds. If you want to see what sort of birds photos you should add in your portfolio, then here are the most excellent collection for you to get inspired. Hope it will help you in a specific way!! Looking forward to build a photography website with galleries, grid, image slider? Then you have more power on how to create a website. Go through our photography website templates that will help you in accomplishing this task.

1. Duck

Duck is most innocent bird and possess unique and colorful exposure. Either flying and standing or swimming and walking, ducks looks so cute and lovely. Ultimately, it gives you a great inspiration when you capture their photos to make them a part of your bird portfolio. See following duck photos to imagine how much beautiful they are when Photographed.

birds photography

2. Beauty of Nature



3. Vulture

Vulture is most thrilling and charismatic species of bird of prey/raptors. The sharp and keen vision of vultures always looks inspiring specifically when they attack on their prey. Eagle, hawks, buzzards, kites, and falcons are all included in same species. Check out the following photos to get idea in what dimensions and angle you should capture the images of flying, walking or targeting birds of prey.


birds photography2

4. Gotcha!!!


5. Red Kite

birds photography

6. Sneaky


7. Ailwee Birds of Prey

birds photography

8. African White Backed Vulture

birds photography

9. Oriental Honey Buzzard in flight

birds photography

10. Steppe eagle

birds photography

11. Steppe eagle

birds photography

12. Barn Owl

Owl has more than 200 species that include night-time and solitary birds of prey having binocular vision and binaural hearing as well as silent flight feathers. Most apparent d classification of the owl species is true-owl and barn-owl. Check how it looks when you take pictures of owls.

birds photography

13. The Classic Dive..

birds photography

14. Mottled Wood Owl

birds photography

15. Little Owl

birds photography

16. King Fisher

This small size attractive color bird looks fabulous in each way either flying or fishing. Kingfisher has more than 90 species that have beautiful colored bodies, pointed and sharp beak and small legs. You can add a large collection of kingfisher because this bird has several aspects on each of its moment. Try out the following inspirations of kingfisher photography.

birds photography

17. Kingfisher & Kingfisher

birds photography

18. Fishingggg

birds photography

19. King Fisher

birds photography

20. Heron in low flight

Slim and smart, Heron looks great when you capture its photos with the aquatic background. Either flying or resting, Herons give awesome photography outcomes. Check out this image and see how you can capture them flying.

birds photography

21. Blue-footed Booby

Proudly seems seabird, Booby is elegant bird found near water. See how it is flattering in this image to show its arrogance.  You can capture different moments of Booby to better understand it closely.

birds photography

22. Wrapped up with my wings

It is a social bird species holds attractive and charming multicolored body. As they can be easily found in human-habitation, you can collect a lot of images of Starling.

birds photography

23. Watching

This is Knysna Lourie, also known as an inimitable bird of its region. Those who get a chance of capturing images of this remarkable bird are certainly lucky. Do you want to be lucky? Try out once to capture photos of this beautiful bird.

birds photography

24. The Flying Larus

Larus and Seagulls are included in same species and hold almost similar features and attributes. This webbed feet and solid bills birds are majorly seen near water. Capture them and add in your portfolio.

birds photography

25. Seagull

birds photography

26. Common Cranes

This long legged and necked slim bird holds 15 species. As they live in colonies, you can capture them alone as well as in cluster if you need to add some larger bird groups’ photos.

birds photography

27. Great Cormorant

Cormorants come in the category of seabirds and it has above 40 species. Different species have unlike colored skin on the face including red, yellow, orange, or blue. You can find them near water; they live in cluster so here it is another group photo inspiration for you.


28. Flyby

Southern Carmine bee-eater is the most striking bird of its region. It has richly colored body with blue crown on head. Check out this group photo of Carmines and give a try to such attempt and enhance your portfolio’s charm.

birds photography

29. Fishing

Northern Gannet is a largest member of gannet family of seabirds. It also lives in colony. See its diving photo to get idea of capturing such images. Its diving image will give you excellent inspiration if you are thinking to collect some such examples. Check out how they do fishing and enjoy their prey.

birds photography

30. Beauty of Nature

Beauy of Nature

31. Black Skimmer

Black skimmer is also included in the seabird category. It holds basal red and rest of the black bill. See its fishing photo to get idea of capturing such images.

birds photography

32. Puffin

Puffins seem innocent seabirds; they feed by diving into the water and preying fishes and sea insects. This solid beak birds looks great when you capture them near water. Check out the following photos of Puffins to get inspired.

birds photography

33. In flight meal

birds photography

34. Anatra



35. Simplicity and elegance



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