4 Actionable Tips To Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram has become an invaluable tool for businesses looking to reach and engage with new customers. An Instagram engagement rate is a key metric that indicates how successful a business’s Instagram presence is, as well as how likely users are to become customers. A healthy Instagram engagement rate is essential for businesses to remain competitive in today’s digital marketplace. 

Fortunately, there are several actionable tips businesses can use to increase their Instagram engagement rate and create a more effective Instagram marketing strategy.

Four tips to increase engagement rate on Instagram

1. Optimize image tags and captions

Optimizing Instagram images with the right tags and captions can be a powerful tool to increase engagement rates. To maximize Instagram engagement, it is important to include relevant keywords in both the image caption and image tags. Keywords should be chosen carefully and strategically to ensure they reach the right audience while still being engaging. 

Additionally, Instagram captions should be designed to engage users and invite them into conversations by including open-ended questions or encouraging users to share their thoughts or experiences. Doing this can help foster relationships with your followers while increasing engagement on Instagram.

2. Leverage popular hashtags

Instagram hashtags can be a powerful tool when it comes to increasing Instagram engagement. By leveraging popular hashtags that relate to your social media content strategy, you can make sure your posts are seen by more Instagram users than ever before. Popular hashtags not only broaden the potential audience for each post – they also boost Instagram engagement rate when used strategically. 

Start by researching which trending hashtags are being used in your niche, and make sure to include them in your captions or as tags on Instagram Stories. Also, don’t forget to create compelling content since no amount of popular hashtags will substitute for great visuals and an engaging story!

3. Participate in conversations

Instagram engagement rate is an important metric for many Instagram users and in order to increase it, one must take part in relevant conversations on Instagram. Potential conversations don’t always have to be public; having private 1-on-1 conversations with Instagram followers can create opportunities for stronger connections and engagement. 

Taking the time to read and comment on other posts that are related to your brand or are relevant to your target audience would show that you’re not only active but invested in supporting the Instagram community. Replying to comments on your own Instagram posts is also an easy way to participate in conversations and further increase connection with followers. Simple actions such as these will help cultivate relationships with existing followers, attract new ones, and ultimately grow Instagram engagement levels.

4. Utilize influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for increasing Instagram engagement. Done properly, it can reach a large audience, create brand loyalty and capture the attention of Instagram users. To maximize Instagram engagement rates, create a list of influencers in your niche who have an active and engaged following. 

Reach out to them either through direct messaging or engaging with their content to start conversations. Offer customer rewards and incentivize followers to tag your brand’s Instagram page or use specific hashtags associated with your brand as part of the collaboration. Doing so increases the possibility that other Instagram users will stumble upon your content when they search those hashtags, thereby increasing Instagram engagement rate.


When done correctly, these tips can help you cultivate relationships with potential customers, drive quality traffic to your Instagram page, gain momentum in terms of likes and comments on your posts, and ultimately bolster brand awareness. Ultimately, investing the necessary effort into increasing your Instagram engagement rate will pay off tenfold in the long run – helping you to build a strong foundation for future success on Instagram.



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