5 Best Things to Do Near London’s Euston Station

If you’re already traveling around the United Kingdom, or you’re prepping for a big trip, there’s a decent chance you’ll find yourself at London’s Euston Station. As Britain’s busiest passenger terminal, Euston Station not only sends passengers all over London, but also to other major cities and popular areas of the region, like North Wales and Scotland. 

As is the case with many major central transit hubs, Euston Station is surrounded by numerous entertainment options for travelers, whether you’re there for a week or just there for a few hours between trains. So without further ado, find some luggage storage near Euston Station, ditch the bags, and check out some of our favorite sights and activities in the area. 

Know Before You Go: Luggage Storage

My go-to tip to travelers is always to ditch your luggage if you aren’t able to bring it to your hotel, hostel, or other housing arrangement right when you arrive. As an avid traveler, I’ve made the mistake of neglecting to find luggage storage a few too many times, thinking that my bag seems comfortable enough on my shoulder to handle for the day, or that a rolling suitcase really isn’t that inconvenient. But every time I chose to lug it around for the day, I regret it. Especially when there’s cheap and easy luggage storage available nearby. 

If you’re waiting to check into your hotel or have opted to explore the area for the day before getting on another train, a quick search online for “luggage storage Euston Station” will give you everything you need. There are over 150 luggage storage spots near Euston Station, most of which are under $10 for the day and come with up to $10,000 in insurance, in case something happens to your bags. You can also book your storage ahead online, so when you arrive, you simply get to drop it and go. 

Now that you’ve taken advantage of luggage storage near Euston Station, let’s explore. 

1. Grab a Bite and a Beer

If you’re anything like me, food and drinks are the first thing on your mind in a new city, and the streets surrounding Euston Station have no shortage of places to try. In fact, one of the first places you’ll see is located in the remains of a historic arch that used to be a part of Euston Station itself but was demolished decades ago. Now called The Euston Tap, it’s one of the best places to grab a drink in London, featuring dozens of beers and drinks to sip on and a beer garden overlooking the station. 

If you’re looking for a meal and not just a liquid dinner, there’s a restaurant of nearly every cuisine imaginable within a 15 minute walk from the station. Sticking with the same arch theme as the Euston Tap is the Doric Arch, a British pub located immediately outside the Euston Tap that serves all the British fare (and more beer) you need to fill up on. There’s also the wildly popular Roti King, a Malaysian restaurant, as well as Nandos, which serves up Portuguese food and all the spice you’ll need, and Albertini Restaurant, an Italian restaurant that’s one of the highest-rated eateries in the entire city of London. 

If you want more options, a short walk from the station will bring you to Drummond Street, home to over 20 restaurants of various asian cuisines. And these spots are just the beginning of the seemingly endless options in the area. 

2. Enjoy a Freebie: the British Library

At home, I don’t go to the library for fun, but in other countries, it’s a totally different story. The historic British Library is just a short walk from Euston Station and is home to more than just books. In fact, you can find hand-written lyrics by the Beatles there, as well as some of Jane Austin’s original notes. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about London in a short period of time, the British Library can teach you everything you want to know. It’s also the perfect option for those not looking to spend too much money, as the library is free to visit. 

3. The Harry Potter Special: Visit King’s Cross Station

Leaving one train station just to go to another might not exactly sound like an adventure, but if that train station is the King’s Cross, home of Platform 9 ¾, it’s a totally different story. That’s right, King’s Cross station, where the kids departed to Hogwarts year after year, is real, and it’s not far from Euston Station at all. While it’s a fully functioning train station to this day, there are plenty of travelers who visit with no intention of getting on a train. There’s also a Harry Potter gift shop at the station where you can gear up for all your photo op needs.


Hopefully you’ll utilize luggage storage near Euston Station before you head over, rather than running your luggage cart into the wall at King’s Cross like Harry and Ron did. Those amateurs.  

4. Check Out University College London

Ever curious what college campuses look like in other countries? University College London is just minutes away and ready to be explored. In America, if a town or area is home to a college or university, you can count on it being a fairly entertaining area, and London is no different. The campus is home to nine museums covering various topics, all of which could easily keep you occupied for hours, and parts of popular movies like The Dark Knight (2008) and Inception (2010) were shot on the campus, so if anything looks oddly familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it on the big screen. 

5. Catch a Unique Show at Camden People’s Theatre

What once was a pub is now a theatre (but don’t worry, it still serves beer and wine). Just a short walk from Euston Station is Camden People’s Theatre, one of the most unique theatres you’ll ever visit. It’s not necessarily the building itself that’s unique; the former pub-turned-theatre has now moved to Warren Street and took over an old shop instead. Rather, it’s the shows you’ll see there that are unmatched in their creativity and originality. This little theatre promises an experimental performance, and it delivers, hosting some of the most unique shoes that any theatre in the world has to offer. The venue has plenty of character and is extremely popular among young people, so if you’re not into a loud and lively crowd, this might not be the spot for you. But if you are, this is a must-visit kind of place. And if you hadn’t already guessed, these shows are perfect for those traveling on a budget. 

Whether you’re spending one night in London or simply exploring the area around London’s Euston Station for the day, you’re sure to find that there’s no shortage of activities and sights to see to keep you busy. And remember: find luggage storage near Euston Station before you venture out. You’ll thank me later. 

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