5 Jewelry Pieces That Will Be Popular in 2023

If you want to know your future, don’t ask the crystal ball and Tarot cards, ask fashion designers. They already know what jewelry we will be wearing in 2023 and what outfits we’re going to wish for. Let’s peek into jewelry trends of the upcoming year to be ready in advance. Be careful, so the dazzling shine of this beauty won’t harm your eyes!

The major tendencies in jewelry are smoothly transferred from the 2022, predicting no shocking novelties, but we can expect some few iconic items, hence we offer to discuss 5 jewelry pieces for men and women that will be popular in the 2023. Alluring jewelry ready to create stunning looks and complete breathtaking images in the combinations with fancy outfits is waiting for us to dive headfirst into the fashion of the future.


Women should better train their ears for 2023 as the jewelry for them won’t be easy to wear. Large chandelier earrings with huge crystals and gemstones have become the center element of quite a few fashion collections. For example, Giambattista Valli and Ralph Lauren went all out with their chandelier earrings, making them so weighty that they require additional support behind the ear. Such earrings provide a great space for creativity and expressing oneself along with aristocratic vibes of vintage-looking jewelry.

As to the earrings for men, the favorite choice is still the studs. But this year they shouldn’t be invisible and humble. Noticeable and lustrous diamond studs for men are 

made to accent his status and exceptional taste. They can easily be inserted into any look and become a stylish accessory telling about the owner’s attitude to glamour.


Chains and pearls were the most obvious predicted trends in necklaces for 2023. There were hardly any fashion houses that neglected completing their images with either of those. Women chain necklaces were either large or multiple, meant to be noticed. The ones for men were also the statement chains with vivid patterns, sturdy constructions and gold shine visible from afar. The Cuban link chain is the most recognizable necklace that meets those requirements being strong and chunky. It also makes a perfect base for a layered look, that won’t leave the trends next year as well. If you want to attach a heavy pendant, you won’t be able to find a necklace better than a durable chain.

Pearls are gaining more and more popularity and in the 2023 collections the brightest items can be seen in looks by Dolce&Gabbana, Givenchy and Dior. The last presented a very intricate variation of necklace in a concept of a detachable pearl collar. The clear message the prominent designers send is that pearls are no longer the jewelry for aged women, they can easily become a part of a young girl’s look. The delicate pearls are able as always to highlight femininity and grace of the image, but the large pearls of irregular shapes will draw more attention in 2023. 


Very often a pendant is not only a fashion jewelry, but the item with special meaning, history or memories precious for the wearer.  If you don’t have one, you might probably like something out of options prepared for 2023. The pendants for women often feature floral motifs with large metal flowers. The hot trend is also the pendants made as keys and locks that spice up the look with a little mystery, as in designs by Chloé, Fendi and Moschino.

Pendants and medallions for men have no less appealing options to choose from. If you want to demonstrate how stylish you are or show your devotion for a specific brand, in 2023 you can combine those purposes. It seems famous fashion houses compete in terms of the amount of jewelry picturing their logo. Pendants with a brand logo will certainly emphasize man’s wealth, preferences in fashion and his sense of style.


And here we are again talking about chains and pearls. Why not, if they work perfectly to create unforgettable looks and complete flawlessly any outfit? Pearl bracelets for women make the accent on the delicacy of a lady’s wrist, drawing attention and adding charm to every gesture. Givenchy, Dolce&Gabbana and many other brands use this appeal in their designs to the fullest.

Men’s gold and silver bracelet is a timeless classic used to finish modern looks. Just like the refined pearls enhance the elegance of women’s wrists, precious metals call attention to guy’s strong and masculine hands. Chain bracelets, especially the ones set with diamonds and other precious stones, won’t fail to share their shine and excellence with the owner. 

Gold bracelets for men possess luxurious appearance, are diverse and practical. You can find a design that will suit your needs and preferences with all the benefits of a high-end jewelry. The range of gold colors opens even more potential for experiments in search of your special unique bracelet. Stack them up, creating textural layers for a more daring image.


To match the chandelier earrings in 2023 ladies are encouraged to wear statement rings with large gemstones. Dior, Chanel and Versace opted for a single ring in the image, but the one you won’t miss. They are reminiscent of famous vintage cocktail rings that bring back the air of “The Great Gatsby” style parties. Saint Lauren, Valentino and Balmain decided not to step away from the trend of multiple rings stacked on every finger.

Men are often very careful with rings, though they shouldn’t be. Simple yet stylish rings featuring silver and black bands, or a gold ring with black diamonds contain a flair of sophisticated chic. Bulky signets are not going to be very popular, but the rings with intricate shape designs or interesting color combinations will be. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as multiple rings for men are also topical. If you’re afraid to overdo it, use the classic trick – 2 rings on one hand, 1 on the other. Not too tacky but still eye-catching. 

The year 2023 will bring us a lot of surprises, we may only hope they’re going to be the good ones. At least the jewelry that is going to be all over the fashion market in the upcoming year pleases with its diversity and versatility. Gold and silver, stones and pearls, beautiful designs and bold combinations, – they all are going to try their best to make our images bright and smiles happy. We can’t be prepared for everything in this crazy time, but at least we can be prepared for the jewelry trends in 2023 now and that’s already something. Now you’re ready to write new history, and you’ll do it in a stylish way!



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