5 Reasons Your Skin Will Love You Drinking Wonder Tea 

If you’ve ever seen Wonder Tea being advertised by big companies like Chado Tea, you’re likely to assume it has something to do with Alice in Wonderland. Well, it has its links with the famous book by Lewis Carroll, yes, particularly as it contains rooibos – giving it a wonderfully sweet taste. 

However, while it does taste amazing when consumed, the fact it contains rooibos means that it’s also helping to support your skin. Believe it or not, rooibos is absolutely packed with skin benefits, not least because it’s rich in zinc, potassium, copper and antioxidants. 

Reasons You Should Drink Wonder Tea 

With this in mind, we now look at 5 compelling ways your skin benefits from drinking this deliciously sweet beverage on a relatively regular basis. 

#1 – It Has No Caffeine – the first reason to consume drinks that contain rooibos is the fact that they typically won’t give you a caffeine bump like regular tea and coffee does. That means you’re much more likely to have a good night’s sleep, which represents one of the cornerstones of having young, great-looking skin. Even if you drink it just before bed, your sleep won’t be affected.

#2 – You’ll Feel Less Anxious/Stressed – another great body benefit offered by Wonder Tea is its ability to allow you to wind down. Modern life can be pretty stressful, but after consuming rooibos and other helpful ingredients, stress hormones in the body are reduced, resulting in your entire central nervous system becoming calmer and more relaxed. The calmer you are, the less stressed your skin will be. 

#3 – Losing Weight Helps – rooibos drinks are typically very low in calories (just 2-5 per cup), meaning that your consumption of artificial sweeteners decreases. This naturally leads to weight loss, giving the skin back its elasticity and youth. Of course, this needs to be backed up by a healthy diet, but drinking rooibos-infused tea gives you a great start.

#4 – Antioxidants Help the Process – the many antioxidants you’ll find in this kind of drink are also greatly beneficial to your skin. They work to combat free radical damage that causes ageing and diseases like cancer. Major illnesses are caused by free radical damage, so you need to do what you can to prevent them from winning the battle. A quick cup of rooibos power is all you need! 

#5 – Alpha Hydroxy Keeps You Young an important nutrient when it comes to healthy skin is alpha hydroxy. When combined with zinc, its anti-ageing properties come to the fore, helping to rid the skin of old layers. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help you to alleviate issues like sunburn and breakouts, meaning you get complete all-around skin support.

Wonder Tea Has Got Your Skin Protected! 

We haven’t lost sight of the fact that this wonderful rooibos-based tea is one of the tastiest you’ll find in tea shops up and down the States, but the skin benefits can’t be ignored.

Helping you to beat free radical damage, feel less anxious, get more sleep, lose weight and look your best possible self, it’s hard to argue with the benefits on offer. 

The only way you’re going to know when these benefits can help you is to buy some and see what you think. Based on what most customers say, we think you’ll love it.