Examples of Two Types of Law

There are three main types of law. The first is civil law, which deals with rights and responsibilities of individuals. The second is tort law, which deals with wrongdoing that causes harm to another individual. In the United States, this category is one of the most controversial, and is often divided into two subcategories. A good example of a tort is a violation of a law involving an animal, a plant, or a human being.

Criminal and civil law differ in their objectives. The former aims to punish wrongdoers with the intent of deterring others from bad behavior. The latter aims to punish the wrongdoer with punishment, such as a fine, prison time, or even death. Both types of law are necessary to keep the public safe, and plea bargaining is a big part of both. However, there are some instances in which both types of law are used to protect innocent people.

Religious law is often based on scriptures, and some countries have laws based on that. Christian canon law also survives in some church communities. The use of religion as a source of law is not uncommon, but often implies that God’s word is unalterable. However, the details of these systems are often derived through human elaboration. Islamic law, for example, is based on the Quran, which contains some law and acts as a source for further law through teleological reasoning, analogy, and consensus.

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