We usually picture two very distinct kinds of entertainment when we think about video games and Hollywood blockbusters. On the one hand, there are the games’ blatantly computer-generated characters and environments, which are slick and unnatural. On the other hand, the film’s universe seems familiar, like it might exist alongside ours if the amazing components weren’t there.

Over the last 60 years, there has been a clear and distinct separation between the worlds of movies and computer/games. Now more than ever, though, the lines between both mediums are blurring, as movies adopt game design principles and video games provide graphics that rival those of feature films. The methods used in 3d game art outsourcing contribute heavily to this pattern.


By “modeling,” we mean the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an item or environment for use in media and entertainment. Maps, settings, digital characters, and visual effects are only some of the common types of models created using specialized computer software. Although computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects (VFX) are used in both films and video games (VG).


1.The fixed vs the flexible case

The primary source of contrast between the two forms is the nature of the story being presented. With a movie, the order in which events occur is set in stone. Since the layout is always the same, we can focus on building the models we really need. Games, on the other hand, are far more taxing since the player’s actions affect the game’s visuals and the context in real time and between playthroughs. As a result, more models are created than possibly utilized during a single game session.

2. Budget 

It may require tens of millions of dollars to create a successful and cross-platform video game. As a result, games with production expenditures above $100 M are very unusual due to the difficulty of making a profit on such a large budget. In contrast, films with extensive CGI (usually science fiction and action films) often have budgets of $100 million or more, and sometimes reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to financial constraints, video game design quality seldom rivals or exceeds that of full-length motion pictures. For example, find out how much does it cost to make a game app.

3. Prerequisite Phases

As initial impressions go, the modeling periods for VG and cinema are comparable. The production of video games and movies often takes a long time. Estimating how much time goes into modeling, however, is significantly more difficult. We know that 3D modeling takes place in the post-production phase of filmmaking (generally less than a year) and during the majority of the development duration for games. High-quality modeling in movies can be completed more quickly because of the smaller amount of digital assets, but in VG, the massive quantity of elements reduces the time needed on each component, but the entire design time remains lengthy.

4. Polygons

Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck has a low polygon count, prompting internet ridicule. We’ll clarify what “polygon count” implies. Imagine a 3D object (a hammer) as a puzzle. Angular forms include triangles, equilateral triangles, rectangles, and more. Each “puzzle piece” in 3D modeling software is a polygon (in a mesh).

Games and movies create 3D models using polygons. Increasing polygons improves an asset’s complexity and attractiveness, but increases modeling time. Directors may ask their crews to add as many polygons as needed to digital components, therefore most current action films employ this option. VG polygon counts are frequently less than film polygon counts because of console graphics limitations. New systems like the Xbox Series X and PS5 should increase graphics and polygon counts. Low poly topology will disappear.




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