Amazing Blogs to Read If You Want to Improve Your English

What are some of the most beneficial aspects of studying English on the internet? Everything useful is available to you at no cost whatsoever to further your education. This comprises blogs geared at English language study. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into some amazing blogs that will make your English learning more efficient and effective.

ESL Hip Hop

The ESl Hip Hop blog is an entertaining way to improve language skills, using hip-hop culture and music as its primary focal points. This incredible English as a Second Language blog is also quite instructive. You’ll be relieved to discover that it’s unnecessary to be a rapper to take anything away from it. Hip-hop musicians are noted for their lyrical flexibility and grasp of the language they use in their songs. These pieces are quite enlightening and do a good job of capturing this. One of M.I.A.’s songs serves as the basis for analysis in a post that explains the zero conditional using the song’s context. A Tribe Called Quest is known for writing songs that delve into the concept of the past perfect tense. A significant number of the entries include word lists, videos, and visual dictionaries. Also, learn verbs that start with F provided by Richardharringtonblog.com.

Espresso English Blog

Espresso English is a language learning app that makes it simpler to comprehend the many nuances of the English language. Your collection of educational resources will benefit greatly from including these lessons. They are presented understandably, touch on a wide variety of subject areas, and use illustrations effectively. The writing is easy to understand and succinct, and it has highlighted essential phrases. Shayna, an English instructor, located in Brazil, is the operator of Espresso English. It is easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for intermediates.

RealLife English

This thorough website offers a little bit for everyone who visits it. It is appropriate for those with a basic understanding of the English language and those with intermediate and advanced skills. Through the use of videos, podcasts, and blogs, RealLife English places the learner squarely in the driver’s seat of their educational experience. The blog area is rather extensive and is always being updated with new insights on other cultures. Each article is broken up into a number of smaller sections that are easier to digest. This clever artistic shape stops the pupil from feeling as if they are in over their heads. The blogs are organized into various categories, including everyday English, slang, fluency suggestions, grammar, cultural views, and curse words.

ABA English

This is an outstanding English learning site that provides its readers with many possibilities to improve their command of the English language. Text and video are combined in these pieces, and a wide variety of topics are discussed across both formats. For instance, there are articles on how to properly pronounce words, cockney rhyming slang, and how to learn English via the lyrics of songs. Some blogs even have a cool interactive component in their design! After seeing a video, the student is tasked with completing the transcript by writing in the appropriate words that are missing. That’s going to force you to stay on your toes!

English with a Twist

Learning becomes much more enjoyable when one has a strong interest in the subject. You are in for a treat if the person who teaches you English is enthusiastic about the subject. Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat maintains an excellent English language study blog called English with a Twist. She is always thrilled when she has the chance to talk about how much she loves the English language and literature. It is evident in the way that her postings cover a wide variety of subjects and are both instructive and amusing. These include postings on winter, various movie genres, features of grammar, and advice for enhancing one’s ability to write effectively through email. The articles effectively use photographs and visuals, and important terms are emphasized throughout. Since she quit her previous job in the financial services business in 2009, Shanthi has been working toward language learning and teaching career.



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