Aquarius Will Find the Solution in 2023

Despite Aquarius’s watery name and symbol, this sign is the quintessential air sign. If you were born between January 20 and February 18, you’re as free as a bird. You follow your own path and often consider yourself above worldly concerns, but in 2023, you’ll come face-to-face with some serious life changes. Psychic readings for Aquarius indicate that the stars have a lot in store for you this year. Running the gauntlet instead of floating above it builds strength and tenacity.

Prosperity in Business

Saturn, the planet of rules and obligation, has been bouncing through your chart for over a year. At first, its presence may have been a burden, but by now this planet has taught you that limits keep your life on track. Get a glimpse into what the stars have in store for you this week with our weekly Horoscopetrends!

As Saturn moves into your second house of finances in January, you may look in the mirror and see a budgeting guru. Who’d have thought? This is the first of many positive transformations you’ll undertake this year, so buckle up Aquarius.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Visit

The major shake-up of the year will come on March 23 when Pluto visits your corner of the sky. Pluto, named for the guardian of the Underworld and Death, will set up shop in your first house of identity and self. This hasn’t happened in over a century!

Having Pluto on your side clears the way for ultimate change and self-actualization. Anything that’s been bothering you or feeling like dead weight will crumble to dust during this historic visit. Makeovers, personal revelations and new life goals are all on the table. A new relationship may appear as well, so check your Aquarius love horoscope frequently. Aquarius is a dreamer, so use this time to dream up a brand new you.

Bright Futures

Later in the year, Jupiter swings through your fourth house. This good-luck planet is moving all over the sky in 2023. The fourth house governs family relationships, so use this energy to take loved ones along on your personal rollercoaster. Don’t be afraid to introduce them to your new goals and self.

Possible Setbacks

A few key planets will go into retrograde for you in fall and winter, but don’t stress. Aquarius is one of the most creative and unflappable signs in the zodiac, so you’ll find a path through. If you’re craving extra guidance, psychic medium readings live are especially helpful once the planets start regressing.

Venus enters retrograde from July until the beginning of September. Remember the commitment to change you made at the beginning of the year and avoid slipping back into old habits. In December, Mercury will take Venus’s place in retrograde. The trickster planet may be working against you, but your airy energy will allow you to dodge and weave past anything it throws your way.

Perseverance and Success

As an independent Aquarius, you’re not the sign to let anything hold you back. Your personal revolution early in the year will give you the tools to tackle any problems that arise later. Bask in 2023’s chaotic energy to enter your best era yet.



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