Automation Tools for Social Media You Can Use This 2023 

Currently, more than three billion people are active in different social media platforms. If you want to increase awareness to your brand and like all businesses, increase your revenue, pay more serious attention to your social media marketing.  

The price you pay is being active in social media and proactively managing your platforms, which can be a very time-consuming task especially if you are a one-man team, although they prove to be as much as beneficial for those with digital marketing teams. Good thing, there are several social media automation tools available that can greatly help you stay engaged with your audience without you spending too much time and effort.  

There are several reasons you should consider automation in your marketing efforts. Saving a great deal of time is the most appealing. Instead of spending a lot of time managing your platforms, you can focus more on running your business, directly engaging with customers, and figuring out other opportunities for growth.  

Automation tools don’t necessarily sound like mere bots when it comes to engaging with your customers too as you can offer more personalised customer service in each interaction. Moreover, scheduling your posts on various platforms is made easier through social media calendars. 

This paves the way for better consistency and less human error. And since you can manage various campaigns smoothly, organise them all in one place, and reach people even outside your work hours, you can reach and connect to a wider audience. Automation tools do the work for you. 

Here are several social media automation tools you can use for your marketing efforts so you can focus better on your business operations:  


SocialPilot caters small to medium-sized businesses and can integrate with almost any massive social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. This tool has features such as calendar management, client management, social media scheduling, robust analytics, content curation, etc. 

It allows seamless collaboration with the social media team with its smooth approval and feedback workflow so that you don’t have to use other apps to interact with the other team members. Its platform allows everyone to leave comments for everyone to see whilst separating internal and external conversations.  

The calendar feature allows you to monitor your social media campaigns and filter into your calendars as well. Most importantly, you can make changes easily as you can just drag and drop your posts then reschedule them. And you upload in bulk up to 500 posts in one time.  


ContentStudio has features such as content automation, a social inbox, social media scheduling, content planning, content discovery, and analytics. Its content planner feature allows you to plan, brainstorm, and manage the time and platform in which you share or publish your content. 

Just like SocialPilot, collaboration is made easier with its smooth collaboration and workflow system. This tool social media content calendar allows you to view, reject, accept, or edit your posts easily, which effectively lessens error in your content before or even during posting or publication. The tool gives trial period as well so you can test first if it works for you.  


Given its complex features, compatibility with any social media platforms there are, and higher price range, Hootsuite caters to larger businesses. However, its offers are quite grand as you can take a look at social media streams in one place through automated posting and even monitor your brand via its real-time updates. As you can view the reports anytime, you can easily analyse your marketing strategy’s performance.  


If you want to understand your content marketing strategies better, you can opt for BuzzSumon as it will effectively help you get insights into what your other competitors are doing. Most importantly, it has keyword research feature to help you obtain the most relevant and popular keywords and ideas for your content topic. 

BuzzSumo gathers analytics from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, allowing you to get the most valuable topic ideas there are. Additionally, you can filter the results you desire, ranging from location to duration.  

Sprout Social  

Another tool you will want to consider is Sprout Social, whether you are a small or large business, which specialises in making organising and assigning tasks easier to other members. Sprout Social has social listening and analytics features as well as allows you to schedule your posts or campaigns. 

Its analytics features help you keep an eye on the number of your posts, link clicks, followers, changes in social media engagement, and more. It also has smart inbox where you can keep track and reply to any mention of your brand. Additionally, it allows you to search in several networks and posts for any mention of your brand or business. 


Buffer is a great option when you’re looking for a tool with the best scheduling functionality and mainly manage accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The pro package connects to more platforms, including Pinterest.  

If you are new to post or publication scheduling, you can use the tool’s automated function, which has four slots for each day by default, which you can just delete or add depending on your need. You can also add Buffer as an extension to your internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. What’s best is that the tool also has applications that work both in iOS and Android. 


CoSchedule increases efficiency for both solopreneurs and marketing businesses. When you click “publish” for each article, this automation tool integrated with WordPress helps push your post to your chosen social media platform. 

Its best feature is the “Top Content Report,” which will provide you with information about the social engagement of the social media campaigns you post or publish. For content marketers that are interested in how their marketing initiatives are performing and want to make adjustments as needed, this tool will prove to be very helpful. 

Social media marketing team and automation tools go hand in hand. If you need help with managing tools or other marketing concerns, you can reach Legend DigiTech today. 



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