Available garage packages for building a custom detached garage

You may need more space in your home, but an entirely new addition to your home isn’t just costly but also looks like a big undertaking. You can get your detached garages customized according to your needs and preference. There is a choice between 1, 2, 3, and 4-car garage options. While some are available in a prefabricated piece, others come like a modular unit, and some are developed from the base by laying down the concrete pad. You can customize the garage in synchronization with your home and enhance the resale value of your property.

The national average cost of building a custom detached garage is $24000. But, it largely depends on several factors such as foundation, finishing material, siding material, garage door, and electricity. A single-car detached garage package can begin from $7000, while a three-car attached garage can cost around $50,000.

Cost of garage per square foot

A two-car garage can cost you an average of $52 per sq. ft. if you want to customize it, like adding a slab foundation, a security system, or exotic loft space, the price could go as high as $35 to $90 per sq. ft.

Single-car garage expenses 

A one-car garage can be designed into distinctive shapes and sizes, each of which has its special price. You can go for a larger footprint to get extra storage space.

For instance, a 12 by 24 ft. single-car garage can cost around $15000 while a 14 by 28 ft. single-car garage can cost about $20,400. The average cost per sq. ft ranges from $52 to $100.

Two-car garage expenses

If you have multiple cars, you need to increase the number of garage doors. You can design it accordingly depending on the size and how you plan to store the vehicle, side-by-side or front-to-back.

For instance, a 24 by 24 ft. garage can cost you $30,000, while a 24 by 30 ft. garage can cost you around $31000—the average cost per sq. ft. ranging from $50 to $100.

Three-car garage expenses

If you have three cars to accommodate, the cost will increase as you need square footage. It is suitable for families with several cars.

For instance, a 36 by 24 ft. garage will cost you $45000, and a 30 by 40 ft. garage will cost you $61000.

Detached garage cost

Detached garage costs range from $1500 for a stainless steel kit to a $50000 one-car custom garage with an in-law suite. How much you prefer to spend depends on the functionality, labor, size, and material. The owner should plan a budget for the foundation and the driveway to the garage.

There are several garage packages to go for. While some are affordable, others are lavish and can go as high as $55,000. Going for manual garage doors and no insulation is cost-effect, while detached garages with customized trim, roof, and siding will cost more.

So, pick the best garage packages as per your need, budget and preference, and get your garage built in just a few weeks.



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