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20 Awesome Jewelry Bloggers and Their Websites

Check how awesome jewelry bloggers write reviews of products and earn revenue through writing. Jewelry blogs here help viewers to better understand the jewelry type, make right buying decisions for events etc.

Women love to adorn themselves with jewelry and invest a big part of their earnings in shopping for jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, nose-pins, anklets, bracelets and finger rings are the jewelry that enhance their beauty and make them shine. Just like apparels, there is a trend in the jewelry you wear. So how do you think you can be updated with the latest trends and what jewelry you could wear to have you looking more gorgeous?

Here is a list of top 20 jewelry bloggers that have dedicated their blogs for jewelry and everything that is shiny. You can follow them and get latest updates.

Becky’s Blog – Diamonds in the Library

Becky’s posts are quite informative and mostly comprise of topics such as jewelry buying guides and sizing information for jewelry. You can also find reviews on both jewelry retailers and jewelry purchased. She is pro at writing because she has been professionally associated with literature and writing. Becky frequently writes books reviews too. Becky’s blog shows how zealous she is for classy jewelry and every post reflects her true passion.

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diamonds in the library

Jo-Ann’s Blog – Vintage jewelry Girl

Jo-Ann is a fanatic for vintage jewelry and everything in her blog talks about vintage jewelry. The blog features a variety of posts like what’s trending, current findings, designer information, design and style, construction of vintage jewelry and much more. Jo-Ann has been collecting and selling vintage jewelry for around 16 years and has been inspired from her grandmother’s jewelry box.

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Vintage Jewelry Girl Blog

Alice Matsumoto’s Blog – The Carrot Box

Ah! How women love to see dazzling rings decorated on their fingers. Alice has dedicated ‘The Carrot Box’ to rings exclusively. Patterned pearls, souvenir jewelry, physalis rings, anodized aluminium rings and much more – her blog is a masterpiece which takes rings to a completely different level. You can purchase rings from her website. Every ring is different and has a story of its own. Quality design and something unique – The Carrot Box has a ring for everyone.

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ring collection website for fashion

Jean Jean’s Blog – Jean Jean

Jean Jean has undertaken to recover exquisite antique jewelry and find new owners for them. Her blogs specialize in Victorian vintage catalogues, jewelry from every age, brooches, rings, ads of jewelry, old pictures of necklaces and much more. There are some delicate looking pieces of jewelry available on her website which can be purchased. Jean Jean’s has a collection of jewelry with a history and those who love antique jewelry, this is one of the best places to have your buy.

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blog for antiques and jewelry

Zsuzsi and Reka’s Blog – Bold Color Glass

Both the bloggers run a business of glass jewelry in Europe. Their blog not only consists of jewelry updates and trends but also about lifestyle, designers, interviews, their projects etc. The team specializes in bold colour glass jewelry and have a team of women who create beautiful European style handcrafted jewelry. The blog also features easy DIY’s especially for decorative purposes.

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blog website for fashion design and lifestyle

Katherine Ainsworth’s Blog – Jewelry Adventures

Katherine loves to travel and it is travel that found her new love – jewelry. She imports jewelry and her business seems to be flourishing with her new finds. Her rich taste is reflected in the jewelry she deals in. She is an avid traveller and loves to find new adventures. Her jewelry style varies as she loves to try different styles. There is something fresh in every piece of jewelry that she collects or deals in.

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katherine website

Liza Urla’s Blog – Gemologue

There is an A to Z listing of jewelry designers in Liza’s blog which means you are not going to get bored with the collection she has. David Webb, Garrard, Messika, Tiffany & Co., Jo Thorne, Bulgari, Ingo Henn are some of the names listed in the designers. Her blog has posts based on jewelry events, gem talks with famous gem designers, jewelry reviews and a section for fashion as well.

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Lauren Thomann’s Blog –Ageless Heirlooms

Lauren started her career with Etsy in 2006 and has since been in the business of antique jewelry. Lauren’s blog name describes what she deals in and she seems to have an extremely unique sense while she selects the designs of any jewelry. Her blog features informative articles on different types of antique jewelry, top pin lists, beginner guides for selecting jewelry etc.

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Lauren Thomann’s Blog

Michelle’s Blog – Vintage jewelry Pictures

If you really love vintage jewelry, you can have a look at her blog where she uploads pictures of her lovely collection. Michelle sells her vintage jewelry on Etsy and then shares their pictures in her archive so everyone can see what she has in store for the jewelry lovers. Michelle’s collection is unique and her collection is sure to entice anyone into buying from her.

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Paula’s Blog – Native American jewelry Tips

Paula is on a mission to make people aware on how actual Native American jewelry looks. She explain and describes in detail about every jewelry and makes people aware about how people could fool one into buying fake native American jewelry at high prices and cheat you. You can also purchase authentic Native American jewelry from her store. There are some unbelievable sterling silver designed jewelry that are truly outstanding.

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Native American Jewelry Tips

Elissa’s Blog – Love and Pieces

Elissa’s blog features designs from some of the top designers. She also has jewelry for kids. There are modern designs that are featured in her site that really stand out. There are weekly blogs, jewelry must picks, guides on jewelry, tops trends of the year, all about diamonds etc.

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love and pieces

Cathleen Mccarthy’s Blog- The jewelry Loupe

Cathleen says she is obsessed with jewels. Besides writing for her own blog she also writes for others – you can find her articles featured in many jewelry magazines and websites. Her blog explains how you can keep your jewelry sparkling, statement necklace steal shows, jewelry auctions, how to shop gems, jewelry trade fairs, visit to different jewelry stores and many exciting posts like this.

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A magazine-blog for jewelry lovers, makers

Susan Jane’s Blog- Susan Jane Jewels

Susan’s blog is dedicated to jewelry for every occasion and features almost every type of jewelry that you could be looking for. From how you could organize your jewelry to the A to Z of jewelry, her blog is a complete guide to jewelry management.

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Vintage Jewelry Shopping Guide

Jasmine Howell’s Blog- Friend in Fashion

You might already be familiar with Jasmine as she happens to be a popular face in the social media websites. She is a travel and fashion blogger and travels extensively. Her website features some really cool looking jewelry that will make you look sensational. She works with some of the best designers so if you shop from her, your clothes and jewelry are going to be the trendiest.

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fashion dairy

Roos-Ann van Dorsten’s Blog- Moderosa

Roos-Ann is from Netherlands and is a famous fashion blogger and trendsetter. Fashionable clothes and sophisticated jewelry is what she loves and her blog is flooded with posts on clothes and jewelry to accompany them. Her style is monochrome and she is known for mix-matching high-street fashion with designer labels. Roos-Ann is an inspiration for many young women.

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moderosa fashio blog

Deirdre Zahl’s Blog- Candy Shop Vintage

Deirdre has learnt to curate vintage jewelry and has more than ten years of experience of working in the fashion stream in New York. She has a prized collection of extraordinary pieces of vintage jewelry which have been published in many magazines, national blogs and in television show –Mad Men. Her jewelry has modern designs with a hint of vintage flavour. Deirdre’s collection can also be purchased from her store. Besides posts on jewelry you will also find some enticing recipes featured in her blog.

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Candy Shop Vintage

Cheryl Kremkow’s Blog- Gem Obsessed

Cheryl’s style is celebrity jewelry and that is what she posts about. The jewelry designs and trends that are in and what is going to make you look beautiful are available in the blog.

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Cheryl Kremkow’s Blog for gems

Wendy Brandes’ Blog

Wendy was a journalist earlier who wrote about fashion, feminism, jewelry, medieval history and whatever she thought she wanted to write. She has also won an award for designing fine jewelry that was inspired by pop culture and women’s history. Wendy’s collection of jewelry has skulls, swords, snakes and is quite different from regular looking jewelry.

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Award-winning designer of fine jewelry

Liz Larsen’s Blog- Accessory Jane

Liz is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who credits her mom to have taught her the art of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are what her site specializes in.

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Fashion Blogger and Jewelry Designer

Megan Craig’s Blog- New Eve jewelry

Megan’s blog and New Eve jewelry was started in 2012 since then Megan seems to have been engrossed in designing special jewelry pieces which are completely out of the box. Her designs are different and have a charm in them. They look magical to the eyes of the wearer and to those who are seeing them. Megan’s blog also features many posts on jewelry.

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Megan Craig’s Blog for fashion

Every blogger on the list has a different way of seeing jewelry. Follow them and you will never falter on style.

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