Ayurveda & Understanding Your Body Type

As you will have found out when researching on the internet, there are simply hundreds of types of tea on the market. From Wonder Tea to Earl Grey, you have an array of different tastes and blends available to enjoy. However, it’s one particular type of tea – kapha tea – that has perhaps the most interesting back story of them all. 

The word Kapha represents one of the three body types (or doshas) that exist in Ayurveda, with the other two being Vata and Pitta. You see, there are some people who like hot weather, whereas others like it cold. Some like sweet things and others like salty and it’s your own likes and dislikes that go some way to determining which group you belong to. 

Kapha Tea Balances Kapha People

When there’s an imbalance in any of the three doshas, there’s a tea that will help to restore balance. So, a tea blended as Kapha will help to calm Kapha people, a vata tea will balance a vata person, and so on. However, how do you know which type you are?

While there’s much more nuance to Ayurveda than we’re able to show you in this brief blog, there are some ways you can determine it. The truth is that everyone has all three doshas, but it’s the dominant one we’re talking about. 

Working Out Which Type of Person You Are

Ok, before we start – a little warning. The factors we’re about to mention when trying to determine if Kapha tea is for you may sound a little strange. However, there are centuries of wisdom behind this stuff, so there is a point – so stick with it. 

When looking through the following, you should consider which apply to you. Everything below is laid out as A, B or C. Your answers will say a lot about you. 

  • Your body type is A) thin B) medium C) large
  • When you walk & talk you do it A) fast B) moderately paced C) slow and steady
  • Your favorite weather is A) hot B) cold C) dry
  • When you sweat, you sweat A) only a little B) profusely C) moderately but with strong B.O.
  • Your appetite is A) irregular B) strong C) just ok.
  • Your skin is A) normal to dry B) oily C) normal to oily
  • Your hair is A) dry & rough B) thick & silky C) straight, oily & curly
  • Your lips are A) thin & dry B) plump & moist C) medium & soft
  • Your forehead is A) small B) medium C) large 

Ok, so if you mostly answered ‘A’, then you’re likely to be a Vata person. If you answered mostly ‘Bs’ then you’re a Pitta person and finally, mostly Cs will make you a Kapha person. Like we said earlier, there’s a lot to the practice of Ayurveda, which makes it difficult to summarize. 

So, Did You Find Out That Kapha Tea is For You?

Ayurvedic medicine is all about balancing the body and improving health. As we’ve seen here, it’s avery interesting subject – even if it is a little hard to understand at first. We hope that we’ve given you a nice glimpse into topic that we hope will leave you wanting to learn more. 



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