Best Australian Trading Platform 2022- Guide

Online Trading Differences: In Australia against the United States Share trading on the internet in Australia is comparable in several ways to trading the US citizen from the United States. Australian investors open an account by depositing money and then make trades via an online or desktop platform as well as manage a watchlist and conduct research similar to what US investors do.

There are however a number of crucial aspects that Australian investors must be aware of prior to choosing an internet-based broker from Australia, factors which aren’t a problem with the US.

  1. Commission rates: In the US it’s not common to find an online broker that offers a different commission structure, whereas in Australia the majority of brokers offer variable rates that are based on the value of the transaction. IG, SelfWealth, and Westpac are three brokers that have fixed commissions, but Westpac’s rates are much more than the two others.
  2. Mobile app access: Although every online brokerage provides an app for mobile in the US but in Australia not all brokers offer. One out of six online investors have reported that having the option of a mobile-friendly version of an investment platform has influenced their choice of broker in a study by Investment Trends.
  3. The cost of research: In the US many brokers provide high-quality research through companies such as Morningstar at no cost. In Australia brokers are more likely to pass the cost on to traders, and provide the research they pay for on a monthly basis.
  4. Types of orders: Limit hours, market orders or stop orders are common in the market. However, trades in US shares from Australia are different between brokers regarding the types of orders offered. This includes trading during off-hours. Advanced orders, like conditional orders, can differ from broker to broker.

What types of financial instruments are you able to trade?

Brokers typically offer a broad range of different asset classes. They can provide you with the option of trading stocks, commodities and bonds, currencies, or crypto currencies, among other financial instruments. They could do this by using different investment instruments.

Certain platforms allow you to purchase and sell bonds or shares and others provide ETFs, also known as exchange traded funds (ETF) that is an investment vehicle that utilize an investment pool to purchase certain financial instruments, based on the goals of each.

However, different platforms could provide Contracts for Difference (CFDs) that are financial contracts that permit traders to profit from the fluctuations in the value of the security, without actually holding the security.

How secure are online stock brokers?

There is no risk to make trades on stocks online. Brokers are regulated, and they try to minimize dangers. Although trading is a process that carries risk. It is important that your trading system should be secure. In the end, you are entrusting them with your money.

The best way to do this is to ensure that your agent is registered in The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) or an authority that is peer-reviewed from a foreign nation in the event that Australian trading platforms are and are not licensed in Australia. These authorities are in charge of monitoring and regulating brokers in each of their countries.


What should I put into account when selecting an agent?

Experts advise looking into the credibility of the broker first and first and foremost. Other crucial aspects are the fundamental trading terms including commissions and fees and customer reviews. If the brokers are nearly identical in fundamental criteria, you have to select according to your personal knowledge and experience. A particular broker might be suitable for experienced traders, while another is suitable for traders who are just beginning their journey.

Is it possible to be fraud by a broker who has the approval of a reliable regulator?

In the theory of things the case, yes. But in actual practice it takes many hours and a lot of money to meet the regulations of legitimate regulators that it’s just not worth the time and effort to apply for a valid license. While etoro vs saxo bank both provide copy trading.


A reliable platform for trading will simplify your trading experience and allow you to earn an increased return on investment. The citizens of Australia are offered a variety of options in selecting an agent for stock trading. However, they should perform due diligence prior to registering with the broker. Since many brokers make false claims regarding commissions, approvals, or customer service, it’s crucial to confirm their assertions. The top 12 trading platforms listed in this article are dependable and secure, with the appropriate licenses from the regulatory authorities in Australia and in other countries.



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