Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Tips 

Looking to save some energy and money on your air conditioning bill this summer? Check out these simple, easy-to-do things you can do to make your heating and cooling system use less energy. From making sure your air conditioner is the right size to keeping it in good shape, these tips will help you stay cool and save money on energy costs. You can also learn more about energy efficient air conditioning by simply visiting cystalheatingandcooling.com.

Tip #1: Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner 

The first step to making an air conditioner use less energy is to choose a unit that meets standards for energy efficiency. A more energy-efficient air conditioner will not only save you money and energy, but it will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you put into the air. 

Benefits of an energy-efficient air conditioner: 

– Lower energy costs

– Reduced environmental impact

– Increased comfort 

How to choose an energy-efficient air conditioner: 

– Look for the ENERGY STAR label – this indicates that the air conditioner meets strict energy-efficiency standards 

– Consider a central air conditioner or a ductless mini-split system – both are more efficient than window units 

– Consider the size of the unit – the right size unit is essential for efficient operation 

Tip #2: Change Your Air Filter Regularly 

Your air filter helps keep your air conditioner running well by getting rid of pollutants in the air. Your air conditioner won’t work as well if the air filter is dirty, so it’s important to change it often. 

Benefits of regularly changing your air filter: 

– Improved air quality 

– Increased energy efficiency 

– Enhanced air conditioner performance 

How to change your air filter: 

Every month, check your air filter. Every three months or as needed, replace your air filter. 

Tip #3: Install a Programmable Thermostat 

A programmable thermostat is a great way to keep your home comfortable and save energy at the same time. With this kind of thermostat, you can set up a schedule that changes the temperature at different times of the day. This makes it easier to save energy when you aren’t at home. 

Benefits of a programmable thermostat: 

– Improved energy efficiency 

– Increased comfort 

– Easier temperature control 

How to install a programmable thermostat: 

– Check the compatibility of your air conditioning system 

– Install the thermostat according to the manufacturer’s instructions 

– Program the thermostat to suit your schedule 

Tip #4: Use the Right Size Air Conditioner 

If your room is too big or too small for the air conditioner, it won’t work well. That’s why it’s important to get an air conditioner that’s the right size for your home. 

When you use the right-sized air conditioner, you can: 

– Improved energy efficiency 

– Better humidity control 

– Enhanced comfort 

How to choose the right size air conditioner: 

– Measure the area(s) that you need to cool

– Consider the climate : A unit that’s too powerful may use more energy than necessary 

– Check the air conditioner’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): The higher the EER, the more efficient the unit 

Tip #5: Keep Your Vents Clean 

Keeping your vents clean is one of the best and easiest ways to make sure your air conditioner is working at its best. Cleaning your vents on a regular basis can help the air flow, which in turn can help you use less energy. 

Benefits of Keeping Your Vents Clean 

You’ll get the most out of your air conditioning system if you keep the vents clean. Clean vents make sure that air can move freely through your home and that your cooling system doesn’t have to work harder than it needs to. Also, keeping your vents clean can help cut down on the amount of dust and dirt that gets spread around your home. 

How to Clean Your Vents 

Cleaning your vents is a relatively easy task. You only need a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush, and a mild cleaning solution. First, vacuum the outside of the vent to get rid of dust and other debris. Then, use the soft brush and some mild detergent to gently scrub any dirt and grime off the vent. The last step is to use the vacuum cleaner again to get rid of any last bits. 

Tip #6: Block Out Heat 

Another great way to reduce your energy usage and make sure your air conditioning is running efficiently is to block out any excess heat. You can do this in a number of ways, such as by putting up blackout curtains or window shades or by planting shade-giving trees or bushes around your home. 

Benefits of Blocking Out Heat 

When you block out extra heat, you can make your home cooler, which can help you use less energy. Also, blocking out heat can be a great way to keep your home cooler in the summer without having to turn on the air conditioner. 

How to Block Out Heat 

You can keep heat out of your home in a few ways, such as by putting up blackout curtains or window shades or by planting trees or bushes around your home to provide shade. You can also add awnings or reflective surfaces to your windows and doors to help keep the sun’s rays from getting into your home. 

Tip #7: Use Natural Light and Ceiling Fans 

Using natural light and ceiling fans can be a great way to keep your home cool without running the air conditioner. The amount of heat that comes into your home can be cut down with natural light, and ceiling fans can help move the air around and keep your home cool. 

Benefits of Using Natural Light and Ceiling Fans 

Using natural light and ceiling fans can help keep your home cool and cut down on the amount of energy you use. Natural light can help keep your home from getting too hot, and ceiling fans can help move the air around and keep your home cool without having to run the air conditioner. 

How to Maximize Natural Light and Ceiling Fans 

You can make the most of natural light and ceiling fans in your home in a few different ways. First, make sure the curtains or blinds are open during the day to let in natural light. You should also try to use ceiling fans during the day to move the air around and keep your home cool. 


In conclusion, energy efficient air conditioning can be achieved with a few simple tips. You can save energy by taking the time to replace air filters, use ceiling fans, and keep all air vents open. Small changes like turning up the thermostat and turning off the air conditioner when you leave the house can also help save a lot of energy. 

However, if you still feel your air conditioning system is not working properly you should take professional help from a trusted company such as Crystal Heating and Cooling for air conditioning repair.



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