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25 Best Examples of Education Logos

Education is most respected and honorable field that needs special promotion, advertising and recognition among people. It needs carefully structured and developed strategy for advertising, promotion and marketing, but before all this it needs a special identity to be recognized among people. Business logo is the most appropriate form of identification and therefore, it is necessary to create the stunning yet decent logo for education purposes. Anything related to education, including schools, camps, campaigns, universities, colleges, and institutes need business identification for promotion.

Designers are creative enough to design stunning logos; still they need some more inspiring ideas to create something new and unique. We know their needs and requirements; this is why we have selected some best examples of education logos for them. Each logo has been created with excellent designing skills and you can amend them as per your choice and need. So check out the following collection of 25 best examples of education logo and get inspired.

First of all, I would like you to give a look on the following general form of education logo. I’ve selected them very carefully for fresh/newbie designers to get a fabulous idea about how to create simple yet attractive education logo. Some of them only contain text, while some of them are some very simple colorful icons. It demonstrates that you can still design stunning logos even by selecting the simple icons and text formatting.

1. Branding Urban Stem

Branding Urban Stem
2. Branding Akira Education

Branding Akira Education
3. Early Childhood Education Lucca

Early Childhood Education Lucca
4. English Achiever

English Achiever
5. Grade Focus

Grade Focus6. ARC Brand Indentity

ARC Brand Indentity

Now carefully check the following logos, all these contain the book as a main icon of logo. Careful observation will demonstrate that book is a perfect logo icon that makes an exact impression on viewers at very first glance that it is an educational institute. Each of them has book with some text or other icons including light bulb. You can create your own design by suing any of the following logo inspiration.

7. Cactus College Wip

Cactus College Wip8. Children’s Digital Library Logo Concept

Children's Digital Library Logo Concept9. Coding Book

Coding Book
10. Education Idea

Education Idea
11. Education Mark

Education Mark
12. Knowledge

13. Priming

14. Story Brooke

Story Brooke

Now look at the following collection of logos that hold the pencil as a main icon that superbly creates the education and learning impression on viewers. The purpose to add these logos in collection is to identify the importance of using education tools, such as books, pens, etc in logos to create the 100% exact impression on people.

15. N.O.T.E

16. AOSF

Following are the logos holding graduation caps as main icon. Check out each of them carefully and see how this icon has been used to create impression in logo. You’ll surely enjoy this inspiration collection of best examples of education logo that will help you in creating logos for your own projects.

17. PACE Logo Design

PACE Logo Design
18. WHC Training Visual Identity

WHC Training Visual Identity

This is a logo contains an owl as a main icon. Owl is wearing glasses demonstrates the intelligence. Hence we can assume that this is an educational institute by looking at this logo. You can also copy this idea for your own logos.

19. Hugos Book Club

Hugos Book Club

All the following logos are randomly selected for your inspiration. Check out them carefully and see how they have been designed and how they impress you when you see. Some contain pen, book and other icons within the same logo while other has some flowery icons. I hope you would enjoy this collection and you will share your ideas with me about how this article helped you.

20. Apple Dash 2013

Apple Dash 2013
21. Bholaram Educational

Bholaram Educational
22. Éducatours 2

Éducatours 2
23. iHuman – Masterclasses

iHuman - Masterclasses

25. Studyworld


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