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30 Best Firefox Themes and Personas

Skin and transform your Firefox browser with amazingly best Firefox themes released recently. Choosing a personal favorite personas to reflect on your browser will keep hour long work period interesting and produce high output. Inspiring movies, anime, tv shows and its characters influence our life as we work hard to get to that point. Either its becoming strong or doing fast work, we always need some inspirational people to be our set as our goal. I’m just saying what i think and what works for me.

A fresh touch to your Firefox browser is now possible with these unique blend of skins made free for Firefox fans. Totally inspring skins to make your day glorious and strong going at work. Routine works gets bored as we move along so it is important to have a changing work style to cope with it. People working online and using Firefox as their preferred browser will have access to humongous collection of themes which can change the total boring appearance of the default Firefox theme.

We have updated this article to showcase new collection of Firefox theme released. Go through these amazing collection and choose what you like, later you can change the skin as you like. Newly introduced themes will be updated in this post so make sure to bookmark this page so you can revisit again. These theme personas will change you Firefox style forever.

Three Black Cats

This months featured theme for firefox with three cats on a full moon day. Elegant and simple looking as this firefox theme will sit nice on your updated firefox browser.


cats firefox theme

Eyes in the Clouds

Another theme with a cat looking at the clouds.


cat and clouds

Gray and Black

An artwork with great abstract of multiple sharp shapes.


artwork theme

Cabin at the Lake

Get an extraordinary experience on your browser with this pleasant surprise of a theme with a artistic paint work of a cabin and lake.


cabin and lake

Fall Painting

Brighten up your day with this pic of fall season which is actually a painting.


fall painting theme for firefox

Eyes of Leopard Firefox theme

A fierce leopard skin for the enthusiasts of the same.

More Info


Hatsune Miku 2014

Hatsune Miku is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

More Info


 Colored Hexagons

A newly released hexagon styled theme addon for Firefox.

More Info


Softness and Gold Blossoms

Flowers can make your day and this theme will do just that for your Firefox skin.

More Info


Colorful pastel flowers

A new skin by design doodles which is minimal and soft.


Colorful pastel flowers

Green Floral

A vector illustration of a green leaf and its branches which doesn’t alter the default font.

More Info

green floral

Celebrate Life

Peaceful floating balloons in the sky to relax anyone.

More Info

balloon skin

Fabric of autumn

Autumn flowers which reflect the color harmony of the forest. Swaying flowers adds to the mood.

More Info

autumn flowers

Longing for spring

This skin may be old but still the best looking which feels and looks great.

More Info

spring theme

Sexy Green Eyes

Artistic green eyes of a really beautiful lady.

More Info

sexy green eyes


Majora’s Mask

A space and stars illustration image.

More Info


Yakuza Paint

Amazing anime painting which is brought o life with the skin.

More Info

Yakuza Paint

Uchiha Madara

A gif Firefox skin made for the villian character from Naruto Shippuden.

More Info

madara firefox

ANIMATED – Snoopy Nap

An old skin but you will love this dog taking a nap on a red little dog house and it is animated.

More Info

snoopy nap

Sasuke Uchiha

A dark sharingan eyes of the sasuke from naruto tv series.

More Info

sasuke firefox skin

Finding Nemo

A swimming Nemo, Marin and Dory  picture.

More Info

nemo firefox theme

Thor The Dark World

A skin of  dark world, new sequel to the popular movie thor.

More Info


Pacific Rim Firefox skin

A pic of a jaeger named gipsy danger which is top skin for firefox for sure.

More Info

pacific rim

One Piece – Luffy and Sunny

A clean and relaxing skin of luffy on sunny go.

More Info

one piece

Game of Thrones

House stark winter skin in the game of thrones season.

More Info



FireTail Theme

A firefox new skin which has only the fox tail.

More Info


Nightly and Aurora

A purpled sky with blushing light.

More Info

purple sky

LiteFox Theme

A tech styled sci fi theme which is a must have for the fans of the same.

More Info


Firefox Carbon

A custom made persona which is metallic copper colored done at the request of a user.

More Info

firefox carbon theme

Wirekeh Firefox skin

A beautiful fox take on the world with the butterfly, firefox. Old skin but still good.

More Info


Live With Music

A musical inspiration is sole purpose of the browser is music.

More Info

music skin

Bad Fish

High graffiti styled skin.

More Info

bad fish

CD mania

The cd skin, need to say more  ?

More Info

cd mania

Fantastic Pink Roses

The roses are beautiful. So sweet skin.

More Info

roses firefox skin

Woman in a Bubble

A fantasy theme – Caught and captured – What would it be like to be taken care of – have all your needs met.



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