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16 Best Logo Design Softwares You Must Try

Logo design is a crucial part for any company in order to promote its business message in targeted customers. Logo works for the apparent, rapid and effective transmission of businesses, brands and events communication towards potential people. When you need a perfect logo design for your company or event, you will surely need a help of logo designers. Apart from this, if you prefer to design your logo without an assistance of expert, you can create amazing logos simply by using some reliable and efficient logo design softwares.

If you are newbie logo designer and stepping into this vivid industry, you surely need to know which logo design software are best to use.  Therefore, I am bringing the comprehensive information about some excellent logo design software that will help you out in making creative and stunning logos. Find ways to design logo with the help of these photoshop logo design tutorials and also try modern logo inspirations.

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics editor tool used in vector drawing applications. It proficiently assists designers to create professional designs and artwork. You can create all type of designs with Adobe Illustrator, but for logo designing it is incredibly supportive for professionals and newbie. The brilliant set of drawing tools including colors, brushes, gradient effects, and other processing tools will make your designs most fabulous by giving amazing touches.

If you are using it first time, you may get confused with lots of tools and images existed on tool bars. Still, this programs includes templates and comprehensive help section for newbie in order to give them effective ideas about how to using Adobe Illustrator for creating designs. This software contains several best features such as integration into Creative Cloud, CSS extraction, Anchor point enhancements, live shapes, pen tool preview, and many more that helps in designing excellent logos.



2. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is brilliant and most effective image editor and design creator software. It helps in every type of editing and designing tasks from simple retouching to complicated 3D illustrations and designs. For new users, there are several helpful tips and tutorials to learn how to use it. For experts, it is most efficient logo design tool that provide them ease of designing logos with effective tools including artistic filters, textures, color levels, alpha masks and channels and much more.  However, I must say that Adobe Photoshop is not an ordinary tool that could be used by everyone, as it is little costly and complicated to be used.



3. Corel Draw

Corel Draw is another most effective tool used for vector drawing applications. It helps designers in creating professional artwork and designs specifically the stunning logo designs. It is easy to use and light drawing and editing tools specifically designed for newbie designers. It is fully loaded with efficient tools necessary to create brilliant logo designs. These tools include corel photo-paint, power-trace, corel connect and corel capture. All these tools are user-friendly and provide its users an ease of creating most stunning designs.




4. Jeta Logo Designer

For simplest logo designing, the Jeta Logo designer tool is a perfect one stop solution for professional designers as well as for newbie. It is fast, reliable and powerful software to design logo, web graphics, and icons. This software has more than 5000 vector icons & shapes, nearly 400 templates for logo, 200 shape styles and much more for perfect logo designing.


Jeta Logo Designer

5. Apple Motion

Apple Motion is most efficient tool for designers introduced by the Apple Inc. It is specifically designed for the creation and editing of motion graphics. It also assists in 2D and 3D visual effects composition.  For designers and editors, Apple Motion software is most effective tool to create stunning effects and designs. Its single window layout, dual-monitor support, redesigned icons and its darker look that help is color perception. You can create a design and change its color within a single step as well as you can apply a complex logo to a scene with a click. It has rich content library to create awesome logo designs.


apple motion

6. Logomaker

Logomaker is most affordable logo design tool that provides its users with excellent designing, editing and illustration facility. It offers its registered users the free logo designing facility for first 6 logos and it is not costly to design more logos with Logomaker. You can create logos in less than 10 minutes and there is no doubt in its quality outcomes. It has the widest library of icons and effects that help you in creating marvellous logos conveniently. Before purchasing it, you can try its trial version for free and learn how you can create logos by using this software professionally.


logo maker

7. LogoSmartz Logo Design Software

If you want to try bit pro version of logo designing tool, try this out. It has unlimited collection of example logos, icons and clipart for those who are bit confused about where to start making logos. You can create logo by following step by step instruction.


LogoSmartz Logo Design Software

8. Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

If you are bored of using the traditional logo design software, you must give Summitsoft a try so you can create thousands of innovative logos. It has already built-in logo templates that help newbie designers to create stunning logos. Professional designers are using this software since 15 years. It has incredible collection of tools, graphics, icons, templates and other helping tools that create ultimate logos. The best feature it contains is its money-back guarantee. Give it a try if you need an affordable yet professional logo design tool.



9. Quick Logo Designer

As its name portrays, it is a quick logo creating software. Along its quickness, it is much affordable than other logo design software available in the market. It helps designers to create unique and stunning logo designs for personal and business use. You can try its free trial and can create best logos within few minutes. It has more than 2200 logo templates, above 300 fonts and more than 4500 vector symbols that help you in creating ultimate logos.


quick logo designer

10. DesignWorkz Logo Creator

DesignWorkz is easiest logo maker to create awesome logos in just few minutes in easy steps. Check out how it works and enjoy designing logo yourself.


DesignWorkz Logo Creator

11. LogoYes

LogoYes offers the excellent logo design facility for professionals and agencies. Not only this, you can make free custom logos. If you need to alter size of logo, the best feature is its quality outcomes; it doesn’t lose details of the logo. It is easy, quick and affordable logo design software. Give it a try!



12. Elica

To create simply yet stunning 3D design logos, Elica is one of the most reliable free software. it does anything a designer needs.



13. Sothink Logo Maker

In order to design the unique logos, it is quicker design tool. You can create new logo designs as well as you can use the built-in templates for easier logo designing. It is not specific for professionals, but new comers can also make stunning logos with this software. Check it out and give it a try if you really want to be professional logo designer.


Sothink Logo Maker

14. AAA Logo – Logo Creation Software

Download the trial version of AAA logo software and see how it works to give you stunning logos designs. It takes no personal information and requires no registration process. You can create high resolution logos with it as well as other graphics designs within few minutes.

Source Link


15. Laughing Birds Software

This is free online logo designing tool for professional and new comer designers. Check out it for free and make creative logos.

Source Link

Laughing Birds Software


16. Logaster (Online)

Logaster is a brilliant logo maker to generate your favorite logos with its impressive collection of 12000 unique logo designs and text vectors. We were able to make a free professional looking logo in a few seconds. The homepage of logaster is straight to business where you can create a logo for your business. The logo generator is intelligent and will look for premade logo concepts to match your  business name.

The concept of building logos with Logaster is straight forward as well where it will let you add three elements- a brand name, a logo and a slogan. The layouts of these three elements can be switched to your requirements. The edit logo concept in step 3 will let you change font, color of the text and slogan. Step 3 is also the place where you get the option to manually seek through a list of 12K icons which is just awesome. Editing icon colors with fill and stroke will keep you hooked with this logo generator for sure. The final preview system gives a glimpse of your logo in business cards, letter head and many more business documents.

Overall a brilliant piece of online logo designer that can come in handy in tight situations and the premium version goes to a bit further to provide high quality icon output and options to create business cards, envelopes, favicons, letterheads.

Formats support include: PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG.


logaster - free logo generator online


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    There’s a whole bunch of online logo tools now, in addition to the downloadable tools listed above. I don’t think that they are quite at the quality of the standalone tools, yet, but they’ll get there.

    I created my own free version ( and it’s not quite as powerful as something like Photoshop – but it’ll get there. It wouldn’t have been possible to create a tool like this using only Javascript 5 years ago.

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    Their are lots of logo tools available. The adobe illustrator & Photoshop are the best tool having tons of features to design a creative logo.

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    I tried the AAA Logo maker and it worked for me. BUT as a professional designer, I’d say these softwares are like online Logo makers(designmantic,, tailorbrands etc). For non designers, these are best but for designers, I’d recommend to stay away from these because they will spoil your talent and creativity.

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    These are all okay but the best two are definitely CorelDraw and Illustrator, no doubt! I personally use CorelDraw since I started learning from tutorials like this and I kinda got use to it, and I really can’t complain on it, but Illustrator is also great. Whoever is just starting with logo design and doesn’t know which software to choose, you can’t go wrong either way in my opinion :)

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    I used and it works great! It apparently uses artificial intelligence to create your logo – gave me tons of results to actually choose from and the ability to customize that design before purchase

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      Unfortunately theres no artificial intelligent behind logojoy. I have tried it but they have the worst logos i have seen online.unless you only need a logo with no meaning or link to your company name. Try they have gre8 looking logos that you can tweak into your style using their web editor but i prefer illustrator for professional transformation

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    There’s one more to add up in the list! Designhill’s free logo maker tool:

    It’s absolutely free to use and anyone can get a free and unique logo within a minute.

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    I found these bit expensive so I choose to go with custom-made logo designs by Logo Cluster they did an excellent job.

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