Bovada Bookmaker Review: Several Facts from Tim Harrison

About the Bovada Bookmaker: Tim Harrison for Decrazed

Online sports betting is one of the fastest and most sought-after businesses. Many people are increasingly accepting online sports betting today, which has led to the emergence of many online sports gambling platforms. For this review, we’ll focus on the Bovada bookmaker.

The Bovada was founded in 2011 and offers betting services to online sports punters in the United States of America. There are a whole lot of perfect betting options that punters may take advantage of. 

For example, a handful of sports types include

  • hockey, 
  • soccer, 
  • golf, 
  • basketball, 
  • etc. 

Punters can enjoy a handful of promotional bonuses and amazing offers on the Bovada bookmaker.

How to Use the Bovada Bookmaker Website

Firstly, it is essential for punters who wish to use the Bovada bookmaker to have reached the legal betting age of 18 years and above. Suppose you are mandated to engage in online sports betting by age. In that case, you’ll enjoy a top-class experience while using this bookmaker, as it has a well-built online sports betting interface, and punters can easily surf through the site. 

In this Bovada review, we’ll discuss and share vital information about this bookmaker, enabling new and already existing users to be abreast of the best possible ways to apply the Bovada bookmaker.

How to Register for a Bovada Betting Account

To register for a sports betting account with the Bovada bookmaker, make sure you are at least 18 years of age. Follow the steps below to register with the bookmaker successfully:

  • Visit the official site of Bovada bookmaker. Locate and tap the button tagged JOIN, which can be found on the right-hand section of the sportsbook;
  • Input correct and verifiable details, which include your full name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email, and password on the registration form;
  • Choose your preferred currency, input your zip code, certify that you are of age for betting, and tap on the REGISTER tagged button to finish the registration process;
  • A new user must verify their email, and this can be done by clicking on the provided link sent to your registration email on the Bovada online sports betting site;
  • Upon getting redirected to the Bovada homepage, you have successfully registered for you are good to go.

Bovada Automated Verification Process

This Bovada review will assist punters with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Bovada automated verification procedure:

  • Login to your user betting account, and tap on the User menu button, which can be found on the top right side of the sportsbook;
  • On the Identity Verification column, tap on Verify Now;
  • Click on the Start button to begin the verification process;
  • Select the country of your issued ID, and choose only between a legal ID Card, Passport, and Driver’s License only;
  • A new user will be mandated to upload or take a picture of their ID;
  • Tap on the Confirm button if the images uploaded are visible;
  • Finally, tap on the Start button to begin a face recognition to complete the Bovada Automated Verification Procedure;

Account Recovery 

Punters who have inactive accounts can recover their Bovada online betting account by simply reaching out to the customer support team. You will need to fast-track the recovery process by providing your 4-digit pin and correct date of birth. 

Banking Payment Options

Study the table below to learn about the different banking payment options the Bovada online sports betting site offers customers. Punters must note that they won’t be charged for their first deposit of funds via the accepted credit cards, after which they will be charged for future deposits. Refer to the table for more information.

Deposit Methods

Method Minimum deposit ($) Maximum deposit ($) Process Time Fee ($)
MatchPay 20.00 1,000.00 N/A Applicable
Bitcoin 10.00 5,000.00 N/A None 
Litecoin  10.00 5,000.00 N/A None 
Voucher N/A N/A N/A Applicable
Bitcoin Cash 10.00 5,000.00 N/A None 
Zelle  N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cards 20.00 1,500.00 N/A Applicable
Player Transfer 10.00 15,000.00 N/A Applicable
Direct Bank Transfer 50.00 450.00 N/A Applicable
USDT 50.00 50,000.00 N/A None 
Ethereum  50.00 50,000.00 N/A None 


Withdrawal Methods

Method Minimum Withdrawal ($) Maximum Withdrawal ($) Process Time  Fee ($)
Bitcoin 10.00 9,500.00 24 Hours None 
Litecoin  10.00 2,500.00 1 Hour None 
Voucher 10.00 3,000.00 24 Hours None 
Bitcoin Cash 10.00 2,500.00 1 Hour None 
Bitcoin SV 10.00 9,500.00 1 Hour None 
Check by Courier 100.00 3,000.00 10-15 Days Applicable
Bank Wire 1,500.00 9,500.00 10-15 Days Applicable
USDT 50.00 2,500.00 1 Hour None 
Ethereum  50.00 2,500.00 1 Hour None 
MatchPay 20.00 1,000.00 Instant  Applicable

Promotional Bonuses

Bookmakers around the globe know how vital punters savor promotional bonuses. In this section of the Bovada review, we will be sharing with you the various bonus offers that are available to customers of this sportsbook:

$250 Sports Welcome Bonus

If you are a new punter, brace yourself for this welcome bonus; when you top funds into your sports betting account for the first time, you automatically land a 50% bonus up to $250. To successfully use your prize, meet deposits and rollover requirements.

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

To welcome new users, this sportsbook offers an exclusive Bitcoin Welcome Bonus worth a stunning price of over $1,250 as a reward for the first-time deposit of funds into their Bovada sports betting account. 

$750 Bitcoin Welcome Sports Bonus

The Bovada $750 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus offers its new customers another welcome bonus if you’ve been keeping tabs on this Bovada review. This offer is a 75% matched bonus that goes up to $750.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Bovada believes that it pays to be social, and that’s why they’ve come up with a reward. When you tell your social network about Bovada and get them to sign up and make their first deposits, you will automatically get 200% of their first-time deposit of funds into their sports betting account. And it gets even better. If their deposit payment method was via crypto, an additional $75 is also up for grabs.

Other promotional offers Bovada customers can get include:

  • The $3,750 Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus, 
  • Earn Reward Points, 
  • $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus,
  • 100% Poker Welcome Bonus, 
  • and Golden Spade Poker Open.

Available Sports

There are a handful of sports types that users of the Bovada bookmaker can take advantage of. Check out the list below:

  • Hockey;
  • Golf;
  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Soccer;
  • Horses.

Sports Tournaments

If you are wondering what kinds of sports competitions you can place your bets on, this Bovada review has compiled a list for you below:  

  • NFL;
  • NBA;
  • FIFA World Cup;
  • NHL;
  • UEFA European Champions League;
  • UEFA Europa League;
  • African Cup of Nations;


The Bovada bookmaker offers a fantastic experience for their Esports section. Users can enjoy online video games, which include KOG (King of Glory), PUBG, COD (Call of Duty), Dota 2, etc.

Bovada Odds

Odds are a very crucial factor in online sports betting. It is the money maker. Odds are tied to different sports betting markets. For example, in an NBA match fixture between the Detroit Pistons to win at +500 versus the LA Lakers to win at +250, this translates to the fact that if a punter places a winning bet outcome for the Pistons at $100, if that prediction is correct, they will win $500. On the other hand, if the bet was placed to favor the Lakers team, and the prognosis is accurate, a punter will win $250.

Live Betting 

Live online sports betting is every punter’s fantasy, as they love to keep up with the minute-by-minute possible outcomes that each sports match comes with. The Bovada online sports betting platform offers its customers an opportunity to place live bets on the NHL, MLB, NCAA, NFL, etc.

Live Streaming

Unfortunately, punters using the Bovada bookmaker won’t be able to live stream their fave sports events. 

Bovada Mobile 

The most convenient form of betting is through mobile devices, punters want to be able to place bets wherever, whenever, and anytime they wish to place a bet. The Bovada online sports betting site offers users a wonderful mobile betting experience. Continue reading the mobile section of this Bovada review to learn more about the mobile betting opportunities available to punters.

Bovada Android Mobile

Users of Android mobile devices are in for a joyride on the Bovada bookmaker, as they have a nicely-built interface that accommodates all the possible online betting chances. To successfully download the Android app and begin placing bets, head to the settings of your Android mobile phone and set the Accept Install from Unknown Sources to yes. Now you are in for uninterrupted online sports betting with your Android phone.

Bovada iOS Mobile

iOS punters subscribed to the Bovada bookmaker are also in for unique online sports betting possibilities and experience, as they have a well-built iOS mobile app that can be downloaded on the Apple Store. Confirm your iOS device’s system requirements, enabling the Bovada mobile app to function well.

Mobile App Betting Bet Types

If you are using your mobile device, whether iOS or Android, you are wondering if you can still choose the best types as in the conventional web version. The answer is yes! You can place bets on all offered sports, whether pre-matches or live matches. 

Is it Safe to Use Bovada Mobile Betting?

For a sports betting platform that has existed for only a decade plus with a license, we can say that the Bovada bookmaker has done an excellent job in retaining its status as one of the most secure and safe sports betting platforms. Transactions between both parties in this case (Customer & Bovada) are treated as private, with the help of an SSL padlock. Punters are in safe hands with the Bovada online sports betting site.


  • Mobile betting;
  • Top-notch UX;
  • Lots of payment methods;
  • Accepts crypto;
  • Live betting;
  • Cash out available;


  • Lots of restricted countries;
  • Limited sports to bet on; 

Bovada Customer Support

Punters of the Bovada online sports betting site are bound to face hiccups as they enjoy excellent online betting opportunities. If such is the case, worry not as the bookmaker has several well-responsive customer support channels, which include:

  1. Email: [email protected];
  2. Twitter: @BovadaOfficial; 
  3. Bovada Help Center; 


We have come to the end of this Bovada review. By now, the new or existing punters must have familiarized themselves with essential information about using the Bovada online sports betting platform. We got to discuss how to get on the bookmaker, verify your email, available sports kinds that punters can place bets on, the various promotional bonuses, payment methods, and many online sports betting possibilities.   


How much do I have to pay to join the Bovada bookmaker?

To get registered on the Bovada online sports betting platform is 100% free.

What is the legal betting age for joining Bovada?

The accepted legal betting age qualifies a punter to join this sportsbook is 18 years or more.

Who can join the Bovada bookmaker?

This bookmaker only accepts punters from the United States of America.



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