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How to build proper FAQ Pages- 20 Examples

If you are running a website that is dealing with general audience or some specific customers, then it is compulsory to have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ( section in your website. The FAQ section will provide answers to the common questions that are asked repeatedly. By providing them in one place, you don’t have to answer them multiple times and the users won’t need to ask the questions separately.

As the FAQ section provides a large amount of information in a single page, it is very important to design that page in a friendly, welcoming and organized way. Various websites have adopted different layouts and designs for their FAQ pages. Finding out the ideal solution for your website could be very confusing at times. That’s why we have collected 20 best FAQ pages from all over the internet. Go through them and let us know which ones you like and which ones you don’t. Also don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a new idea for designing your next FAQ page.

1. Bank of America(BoA)

A website of the banking industry is bound to include lots and lots of questions starting from the basic ones to the complex ones. With the huge number of questions, the BoA websites follows that principle closely. What’s more, the website provides you with specific questions for different states.


2. ebay

ebay’s FAQ section follows a different trend. Rather than listing the questions, this website lists the topics alphabetically. And obviously, you can search for a topic.


3. Zappos

The FAQ section of Zappos is cleverly distributed into different categories. And there is also an alphabetical index of the questions. As all the answers are listed in the same page, there is a handy ‘Return to Top’ link after every answer.


4. Hulu

Hulu’s FAQ page is both simple and informative. And you don’t see these two things in one place very often. Besides six different categories with separate icons, there are some popular questions listed below.


5. StumbleUpon

At the first glance, StumbleUpon’s FAQ page will look very basic. But once you click one of the links, you will find out that all of them could be a complete FAQ page for a website. Certainly, this is one of the most beautiful and useful FAQ’s of all.


6. Delicious

This FAQ page contains all the basic information required to use the service. However, unlike most other entries of this list, the answers are provided along with the questions, you don’t have to click on the questions.


7. Dropbox

Here’s another of those simple but beautiful FAQ pages. Dropbox provides a couple of ways to find out answers to your questions. You can type in the question, browse the top questions, browse through categories or get a virtual tour, all from this one page.


8. YouTube

And here’s another beastly FAQ page. Don’t let the simple look deceive you, because each of the plus sign reveals more links and each of the new links will direct you to another page.


9. Vimeo

It seems vimeo likes to show all the available help content in one page. That is not bad actually. In this way, you get to see all the available help resources without clicking any link or button.


10. GitHub

Talking about long FAQ pages, have you seen one longer than that of GitHub? If yes, please let me know. I would like to see it with my own eyes. And before you argue, go take a look at GitHub’s page yourself.


11. TemplateMonster

This is a neatly designed FAQ page. It provides answers to most common questions. But if you want to know even more, there’s a link to the knowledgebase in the bottom.


12. Etsy

This FAQ page follows the YouTube style. It lists the most common problems into a group. When you click on the group title, the questions appear. Clicking on a question will take you to the relevant page.


13. DuckDuckGo

And here comes another simple-looking FAQ page, which leads you to a huge amount of information. Clicking every section will open a new page with sub-sections and each sub-section has multiple links too.


14. Drupal

To tell you the truth, I did expect a bit more information from Drupal’s FAQ page. However, they have compensated that fact by including links for further information.


15. Dribble

Compared to the service Dribble provides, it’s FAQ page is rather simple. Nonetheless, the page does contain all the necessary information and it is designed in an attractive manner.


16. vBulletin

The FAQ page of one of the most popular forum solutions is packed with necessary information. Divided into several categories, clicking on the questions reveals the answers.


17. Yahoo

The simplistic design of Yahoo’s FAQ page provides a comfortable feeling to the visitors. While the left side displays the topics, the right side lists all the relevant questions.


18. Krispy Kreme

This beautifully designed FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions only. Clicking on a question will take you to the answer section, which is placed right below the questions. There is also a ‘Top’ button with each answer.

Krispy Kreme

19. Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins’ FAQ page is provided with lots of relevant and useful questions. The first part of the page lists all the common question categories. Clicking on a category will reveal the list of relevant questions.


20. TinEye

Due to the funny logo of TinEye and the light blue color, this FAQ page looks very friendly at the first glance. The top portion of the page lists questions divided into different categories. Clicking on the questions takes to the answers section.


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  1. Colin

    Don’t know why you say the Youtube one is ‘beastly’. It looks very clean and uncluttered, and easy to read.

  2. mukesh

    i found VB’s FAQ section is pretty good.
    Other’s arent

  3. rich

    I really like this article. It’s like the 3rd or 4th time I stumbled onto it in my research and always get something more out of it. Thanks for the great advice and examples.

  4. John

    Nice collection of examples, thank you. However, I feel I should point out that some of these are not actually FAQs, they are the online help/documentation.

  5. paulina

    Vimeo needs to be updates, not sure about other ones.

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