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43 Examples of Business Logos for Design Inspiration

Logo is all about defining a business message in one icon and very few designers know how to cover unlimited definition and features of a business in one creative logo. Lots of companies are providing the logo designing services, but what matters here is to design such a creative business logo that can allure potential customers on very first glance. Clients need an exclusive and catchy logo and for this if you search out hundreds of logos, still you will need more research in order to get some ultimate business logos for design inspiration. Thus, I decided to help you out with some examples about getting some hit ideas and insight about designing a business logo. Check out here!

1. Tofu

This is very simple logo designed by ‘Brenms’ for a design studio company. It holds everything in it to give customers a quick idea about business and its services.


2. Eagle Royal Logo

This is an excellent business logo example designed by ‘Mangga Design’. It is best suitable logo inspiration for finance and legal companies.

Eagle Royal Logo

3. Tracy’s Closet

This is perfect logo design example designed by ‘Red Dai5y’ for a store that sells used designer clothes.

Tracy’s Closet

4. Trevo International

This simple yet creative logo was designed by Felipe Carvalho for an import and export company. Check out how simply it has been given the professional look to impress people.

Trevo International

5. Educapp

Check out this creative logo example designed by ‘Shtef Sokolovich’ for an educational app. You can get an awesome idea by this logo to design a logo for educational institutes.


6. Twin Phox

Do not you think it is also a great example logo designed by ‘Shtef Sokolovich’ for a legal or financial company located in Canada?

Twin Phox

7. Trzech Kumpli

Designed by ‘Midgar’, it is an awesome logo for a brewery company.

Trzech Kumpli

8. An An

Designed by ‘Tung Lam’, it is a symbolic business logo design example for inspiration to get idea of designing hotel and restaurant businesses logos.

An An

9. Cloud Conductor

See another very good example of logo designed by ‘John’.

Cloud Conductor

10. Dream Lounge

This logo is designed by COLD Arts for a lounge and gentleman’s club. Check out its style, design and creativeness to get some awesome inspirations.

Dream Lounge

11. Innovation Technologies Company

Another logo inspiration from ‘John’.

Innovation Technologies Company

12. Indian Octopus

This is most creative logo example designed by ‘Nitish’ for a trading firm.

Indian Octopus

In marketing strategy, logo is a crucial element and it should be designed by keeping this in mind. If you would create an effective and alluring logo, it will get highlighted beyond your expectations! Check out the following logo inspirations to understand this strategy effectively.

13. Vayro

Designed by ‘Martyr’ for a company that outsources its solutions, it is indeed a great example for IT solution companies.


14. Zing Finance

See how this simple yet attractive logo designed by ‘Ingus Eisaks’ can make customer know about company.

Zing Finance

15. Lighthouse of Deliverance Gospel Church

The color combination in this logo demonstrates the professionalism of logo designer. The work and symbols use in creating this business logo are super fine that amaze the viewers at very first glance.

Lighthouse of Deliverance Gospel Church

16. Focus Lab

See another good logo example designed by ‘Ingus Eisaks’ best suitable for medical and forensic labs.

Focus Lab

17. Tevtar

Designed by ‘Martyr’ for an Archery Club!


18. Rive

Excellent logo inspiration designed by ‘Tass’ for commercial and entertainment media companies as well as for radio streaming services.


19. DaLaza

Change your idea about designing a logo for a company, check out this logo.


20. Kerr Recruitment

D you want to get an excited logo inspiration? Check out this logo designed by ‘Graham Smith’.

Kerr Recruitment

21. The Hiking Company

See logo inspiration example for a hiking company!

The Hiking Company

22. Acipenser

Designed by ‘Juan Tran’, it is perfect logo design for a sea food restaurant.


23. Flyscanner

This is a logo designed by ‘Add work’ for flight search service company. Get idea!


Your clients as well as their customers always remember the logos that seem unique and creative, consider it! Check out How:

24. Firework Productions

Got an offer of designing a logo for an event organization or a production company? Check out this awesome logo designed by ‘Richelt’.

Firework Productions

25. Cloudstream Technology

This is an ultimate logo designed by ‘Cubio’ for a Cloudstream Technology. Isn’t it a good example to have some insight?

Cloudstream Technology

26. Swan Financials

Increasing financial bars indicate how this company will help people financially to be prospered, get impressive inspiration!

Swan Financials

27. Digitaltalents

Hugodenouden has designed this logo for an application company. Do you feel it can help you out in any way?


28. Folding@Home Team

Bright and appealing, the logo designed by 7gone is a fabulous logo inspiration for media companies.

Folding@Home Team

29. Afid

A construction and interior design company’s logo designed by ‘Bmdesign’ gives perfect idea to design logos for similar companies.


30. Artisan

Lifecycle marketing logo designed by ‘Deconstructed Design’ will give you fantastic idea.


31. Business Titans

Furry has designed this logo for a business company, check out its uniqueness!

Business Titans

32. Indiegogo Loves

Designed by ‘Indiegogo Design’ for the celebration of the debut of Indiegogo design team. See amazing use of pink color!

Indiegogo Loves

33. Byval

It is inspired logo designed by ‘Naveen’ for a Byval Company; see how he used color contrast and geometry to create a unique logo!


I am sure; by reading this you have got lots of inspirational ideas about designing the excellent and creative logos of your clients. Best of luck!

34. Gouvernance Expert

Gouvernance Expert

35. Football & Partners

Football & Partners

36. Butterfly Studios

Butterfly Studios

37. J-Roll


38. Sphinx


39. Keep Rolling – Bakery Goods

Keep Rolling - Bakery Goods

40. Clarity Consulting

Clarity Consulting

41. Aradi Consultora

Aradi Consultora

42. Job Panda

Job Panda

43. Lazy Business

Lazy Business

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