Calf reduction surgery with techniques from Korea

by Maxwell Keith

Korean calf reduction surgery or RF calf reduction surgery or Slim Legs. It is an innovative calf reduction laser that solves the problem of big calves, bulging calves, stiff calves, big muscles, big legs, slender legs, resulting in smaller calves and beautiful slender legs. Dress fashionably to show off your legs with confidence whether wearing shorts, miniskirts or swimwear. Get to know what you should know about the laser calf reduction surgery technique from Korea.

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There are many different methods of calf reduction surgery. Both botox injections to reduce calves calf liposuction and tickling the calf By the three methods of reducing slender calves, the calf pendant is the most answerable method and the results last longer. Because Botox injections to reduce calves are similar in principle to Botox injections for slimming the face. which relies on the action of the drug to make the muscles smaller But must be injected continuously because it can last only 4-6 months. Calf liposuction is more suitable for those who have a lot of fat than those who have large calves because of muscle. Causing some people to do calf liposuction, but the results are less

For slimming the calf is an innovation that uses high frequency RF (Radio Frequency) waves through the tip of a small needle to tickle the calf muscles. To suppress the work of the musculoskeletal nerves to contract into several small dots and stop growing. Make the calves smaller and the legs more slender. This is a surgery technique for slender calves from Korea that does not require surgery. no need to recuperate and no serious side effects

In the procedure for slender calves, the doctor analyzes the structure of the calf and injects local anesthesia. RF waves are then used to precisely locate the nerves of the calf and stimulate the nerves. This is the nerve that controls the work of the muscle called Gastrocnemius and Soleus to stop muscle growth, resulting in smaller calves, gradually becoming smaller in size within 2-3 months. After that, calves will be slender for 1-2 years. It takes only 30 steps. -60 minutes

Many women lose weight and liposuction to get fit and firm. But the legs and calves are where it is difficult to get smaller. Therefore, the Korean technique of slender calves has become very popular. To help solve the problem of big calves, bulging calves and big legs, making the calves smaller and beautiful slender legs as you want without having to hurt a lot.

Because of the need for a perfect figure in every proportion, there are currently many reviews of slender calves. Having beautiful slender legs and calves are the hallmarks that make them look good. Increase happiness and enjoy dressing up more because you can show off your beautiful legs with confidence.

Advantages of reducing calves with techniques from Korea

Korean technique for slender calves has advantages that help slow down the growth of calf muscles. The calves are noticeably smaller. Beautiful slender legs immediately after the treatment. but does not affect standing or walking, no scar No bleeding, no pain and no downtime. Long-term results can last for 1-2 years. You can use your daily life as usual after doing it.

Who is the Korean technique for slender calves suitable for?

Making a slender calf pendant, Korean technique, suitable for people with bulging calves, large calves, solid calves. and large calves from hereditary families including those who often wear high heels Those who have a career to stand for a long time. Those who exercise and do not reduce calves. and those who want to reduce calves but do not want to recuperate for a long time

After making a slender calf pendant, Korean technique Do you need to recuperate?

After doing a Korean technique for slender calves, there is no need to recuperate. can use normal daily life immediately No serious side effects, only slight bruises in the first 1-2 weeks, but no scars due to the use of laser waves to reduce the calf muscles to be smaller. Therefore, you can trust that the technique of a slender calf is very safe and does not affect the movement of the body such as walking and running.

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