Catch Up on Some of The Best Online Courses in Finance

Working in the finance industry has always been a great job not only in India but also all over the world. Even though the economy constantly faces downfall, recession, depression, slumps, slowdowns, etc., jobs in the finance industry continue to be one of the most wanted jobs. No matter what the situation is, people have to keep a check on their money and keep it somewhere safe. 

This won’t happen until and unless there are expert and professional people who can easily carry out that kind of work without failure. This is why the demand for skilled and professional people is always high in the finance sector. However, if you take a keen interest in this field but do not know where to start, you can take your first steps by completing a few online courses in finance out of the endless number of online courses that are available today. 

It is not very difficult to find the perfect finance related certification courses, but if you are having trouble finding the one that just fits you right, then we are here to help you through it. However, before we dive into the best online courses in finance let us first look at some of the main reasons why jobs in finance are always in high demand.

Why Might a Job in Finance Be the Perfect Fit for You

Here are some of the reasons why finance professionals are always high in demand and why a job in finance might be perfect for you.

  • Finance is a Fast-Growing Industry

The finance industry rarely ever remains constant. Things are always changing here; new methodologies and techniques are always being adopted. This constant wave of changes happens due to a variety of reasons. It can happen due to new laws, access to unique and better technology, and a more globalized and better-connected world and market, which eventually brings about many changes.

  • An Industry with an Adrenaline Rush

You need a lot of skills to survive in the finance industry. This field is extremely fast-paced and exciting at the same. Although its fast pace might excite you, you also have to be capable of keeping up with the fast pace, so you do not lag. You must be the kind of person who enjoys responsibilities and challenges of various kinds daily because that is just how this job is.

  • Opportunities Worldwide

Finance industries don’t just exist in India but all over the world too. Companies are always growing and expanding, and it is a never-ending process. Hence as companies expand, the need for employees with relevant skills and communication skills is also necessary. Companies also often look for candidates who have the required skills and also are fluent in more than one language. So, yes, there are a lot of scopes when it comes to a job in this field, but this is one of the most important industries in the world.

Best Online Courses in Finance for You

Despite the vast number of opportunities that are available in the finance industry, if you are looking for a way to start gathering the skills that are required to work in this industry or are looking for a way to sharpen your pre-existing skills and make your CV/Resume stronger, we are here to help you with 5 of the best online courses in finance.

  • Financial Markets 

This is one of the best and most easily accessible finance-related certificate courses that is provided by Yale University in Coursera. This course is taught by the well-known economist, academic, and author Robert. J. Shiller. This course has seven elaborate modules which will cover all the essential aspects of the finance markets and industries. It is the most suitable for students since it is free yet highly engaging. However, after the completion of this course, if you want to obtain a certificate, you will have to pay a small token fee to acquire that. This online course also has subtitles in two languages available with unique materials that you can study from.

  • Finance Theory 1 

These online courses in finance are offered by none other than MIT, aka Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This, unlike many others, is a graduate-level course that will give you a lot of knowledge and insight into the finance industry. This course will introduce you to many topics like Fixed income securities, Asset valuation, capital budgeting, etc. It will take you approximately 27 hours to finish this advanced curriculum.

  • Coursera’s Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

This simple and only 7 hours course will introduce you to the basics and easiest concepts of finance and accounting which will be a good start for your finance industry knowledge. This course is specifically offered by the University of California. This online course is taught in English, but the videos come with subtitles in 11 languages, making it easier for everyone to access it. This course has a great syllabus.

  • Corporate Finance Essentials

This online course in finance is offered by Coursera and is known for its very flexible schedule. This course is offered in English, but you can find videos with subtitles which will make it more accessible for you. 

You can see if you like it or not with a 7-day free trial, but later on, you have to pay $79 a month. It would usually take you 13 weeks to complete this course, but you can choose your own pace according to your schedule and comfort. Additionally, you also get a certificate at the end of this course which is great too.

  • Essentials of Corporate Finance Specialization

The last finance related certification course that we have for you is this one yet again by Coursera. This one specifically focuses on corporate finance and will teach everything related to just that. You will not have to worry about missing out on important topics when it comes to corporate finance. This course is offered by the University of Melbourne. It is a five-month elaborate program with a certificate of participation.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best and top finance related certification courses that you can do to give yourself an edge over your competitors. These will make your resume and first impression extremely positive and strong. 

Hero Vired is a popular platform that offers the best finance related certification courses. One can easily enroll in one of their online courses in finance and get a dedicated certification easily. 

Visit their website and dig deep into the massive sphere of finance with ease. 






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