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75+ Urban Decay Photography Captures of Life

Life still crawls where human presence disappears and will continue to exist as growth and decay.  The beauty of deserted places is a fancy for many photographers even though it is sad to see places which are abandoned. These places have a history sometimes which can be noticed. People used to leave in the past …

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60+ Examples of Long Exposure Photography for Inspiration

60+ examples of long exposure photography for inspiration

Long exposure photography is not just the sparkling, glittery side of photography where you get you see light trails, light painting and stuff like that. There is more beauty to it as here you will find out what famous photographers do. Keeping the shutter open for a longer period of time also opens a space where …

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35 Stunning Wildlife Birds Photography

Wildlife always seems adventurous and interesting if we consider it according to picturesque aspect.  World’s top photographers prefer to add wildlife photography collections in their portfolio in order to enhance their experience as well as their reputation as an expert photographer. However, it is not an easy task to become expert in wildlife birds photography especially as …

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40 High Speed Photography Experiments


The technological innovation never ends; it keeps developing day by day with updated ideas. Photography is also a most favorable field where technology keeps changing and new ideas develops even on daily basis to bring dynamic photography experiences. Apart from technology, some photography tools are also used to be updated to meet the current demands …

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30 Best Macro Photography Examples

Today i like to share some exciting photography category- the macro. This macro shots will inspire photographers, photography lovers and anyone who loves nature. Lately we can see the interest in photography raising since everyone these days holds a DSLR and a quality lens in their backpack. Some amazing photography moments that may not be possible to …

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30 Conceptual / Fine Art Photography Collections

Conceptual Photography essentially is the photographer trying to pass a message or “concept” using photographs. Usually this message is conveyed through some abstract images, photographs and designs ,Below are some great examples of conceptual photography for your inspiration. The secret to freedom Reflection of a kid looking through the window at a snake. Girl wearing …

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25 Fabulous Shadow Photography Examples

shadow photography of a man

Photographers are well aware of the fact that light plays a major role in developing some fascinating shots. You can easily change the look of any picture by controlling light settings. Shadows are very important when it comes to photography but, you need a lot of light for that. Shadows give some sort of shape …

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20 Stunning Examples of Fractals and Rainbows

samples of fractals and rainbow colors

Photography is a vast field and consists of different methods and techniques that can be used to develop special photos. It is actually all about noticing the real atmosphere and environment and possessing the right tools and skills. All of these measures will help you in developing interesting photographs. Most of the photographers are stuck …

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33 Examples of Bokeh Photography with Tips & Tutorials

unique bokeh photography

Bokeh Photography is quite comprehensive and famous form of photography field mostly applied to create some attractive and unusual visual effects in photos. The said technique of the Bokeh photography is to produce some blur in the out-of-focus parts of an image. This method has been majorly applied by using blur effects in the out-of-focus …

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35 Shots of Reverse Lens Macro Photography

reverse macro29

Reverse lens macro photography is one of the most advanced technologies in this field that has gained the major fame in the field of wildlife photography. Macro photography, also known as the photomacrography and macrography is the small object intense close-up photography. In this technology of photography, the size of the focused/captured objects seems greater …

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25 Inspirational Examples of Firework Photography

sample shot of firework photography

Fireworks are quite fascinating to watch and they are mostly used for celebrating any major event. Amazing displays of firework are held thorough the world on New Year. At this occasion photographers come into action and get their lenses ready for some amazing clicks. Taking the right photographs is very important and when it comes …

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20 Fabulous Examples of Waterscapes Photography

waterscapes Photography

Nature provides us with an endless opportunity to explore our skills. All you need is a keen observation, passion for photography and the right tools to interpret your observations. Most of the successful photographers have taken inspiration from natural landscapes. In this article, we will see the 20 most interesting and well-photographed waterscapes. For beginners, …

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31 Outstanding Motion Blur Photography Examples

motion blur photography test with a cycle

For all the fast moving objects, photographers need to practice the motion blur technique. But, the interesting fact is that, you don’t only need to isolate yourself to sports photography for the above said reason as slow motion activities like snowfall can also be captured with the motion blur technique. If you are trying to …

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30 Stunning Tilt Shift Photography Examples

titl shift photography shots

Tilt shift photography technique is used to focus some special area within a particular location. The results vary according to the camera type used, format adopted and the movement followed. It is the best technique for placing stress on any miniature scene. There are different techniques for achieving the tilt-shift effect. Only the experts and …

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30 Awesome Examples of Street Photography


Street photography requires creativity, strength and the desire to find the perfect place and moment. Street photography can be formal and informal also. You will need to make the most out of natural poses and put some technical stuff in your photography also. For a painter a piece of canvas is very important and for …

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