Chalk it Up: Top Teacher Web Shows!

Are you tired of the same old teaching methods? Do you want to spice up your classroom and add some humor to your lessons? Look no further than these top teacher web shows! These series offer a fun and engaging way for educators to learn new teaching strategies and techniques. Get ready to laugh and learn with these entertaining shows!

The Best Web Shows for Educators to Spice Up Teaching!

  1. Ted-Ed: This popular web series features animated videos on a variety of topics, perfect for teachers looking to add a unique twist to their lessons. Each video is created by an educator and covers a wide range of subjects from science and math to literature and history.
  2. Teach Like a Rockstar: Hosted by educator and author Jeff Charbonneau, this series is packed with practical teaching tips and strategies. Charbonneau shares his own experiences as a teacher and offers insights on how to engage students and create a positive classroom environment.
  3. Crash Course: This popular YouTube channel created by brothers John and Hank Green offers engaging and informative videos on a variety of subjects, perfect for teachers looking to supplement their lessons. From biology and chemistry to world history and economics, Crash Course has got you covered.

Get Ready to Learn and Laugh with These Teacher Web Series!

  1. The Substitute Teacher Files: This hilarious web series follows the adventures of substitute teacher Mr. D, as he tries to navigate the challenges of the classroom. Filled with laugh-out-loud moments and relatable situations, this series is a must-watch for any educator.
  2. The Ellen Show: While not specifically geared towards educators, The Ellen Show often features inspiring teachers and their innovative teaching methods. From surprise classroom makeovers to heartwarming stories of dedication and perseverance, Ellen is sure to give you a boost of inspiration for your own classroom.
  3. Mr. Betts’ Classroom: Hosted by high school teacher Michael Betts, this series offers a unique look into the classroom as Betts records his lessons and shares them with viewers. From creative writing prompts to engaging discussions on current events, this series is sure to inspire educators to try new teaching methods.

Teachers, it’s time to shake up your classroom and try something new! Whether you’re looking for practical teaching tips or comedic relief, these top teacher web shows have got you covered. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to learn and laugh with these entertaining series!



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