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Viu is an online video streaming service that provides viewers with the latest entertainment content Chinabased. The service offers a wide variety of videos including dramas, movies, and music shows. It also caters to audiences of all ages.

While the free version of the Viu service allows users to watch a few programs, a subscription to Viu Premium is required to access all of the contents on the service. The subscription includes an all-access pass to the content, as well as unlimited downloads for offline viewing.

Viu offers a variety of programming from different countries. Users can choose from English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese content. In addition to this, Viu provides users with a range of subtitles. The app can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android smartphone. Using the app, you can browse through the programs on Viu and even download them to watch them later.

In addition to these features, you can synchronize your viewing across your devices. You can also save your progress and bookmark your favorite programs. Additionally, you can receive notifications of new episodes. The app can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android smartphone.

Viu, a PCCW Group Company, is a leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service. As of December 20, 2021, it ranked number one in Greater Southeast Asia and second in paid subscribers. VIU offers premium content from China, Japan and Hong Kong. It also provides access to a variety of Asian entertainment including movies, dramas, variety shows and more.

Viu provides a comprehensive selection of English and Mzansi content, with a focus on the best in Bollywood and Asian entertainment. Moreover, Viu also offers dramas, music shows, and popular series from other regions. Viu is available in 16 markets across Asia and the Middle East. Currently, it is offered in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and South Africa.

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