Clever ways to increase home security

When you consider all of the good ways to increase the security of your home you are doing yourself a massive favour. It’s very unlikely that criminals are going to turn their attention to a home that has clearly taken the correct precautions to deter them, it’s a lot easier to target a home that hasn’t yet done this. For this very reason you should act on increasing your home security as soon as possible, you never know when it might come in handy. It would be silly to leave this task to be done later and end up regretting it! In this day in age, there are more ways to keep safe than ever before, it’s good to look into the possibilities to see if there are any security ideas that would be a good fit. There are more options than ever before when it comes to clever ways to increase home security, so implementing at least a few of them into your property is always a good idea so that you can keep up with the modern security standards.

Change your locks

If you have just moved into your home, then changing the locks is always a good idea. This might seem like a bit of a hassle, but there’s really no point whatsoever in taking the risk! If you are renting a home this might be worth contacting your landlord about. Changing your lock isn’t something that should only be considered if you are moving house, switching to a smart lock could make your home a lot more secure too. Not only this, but smart locks are also very convenient and can have benefits aside from security such as convenience. Having smart technology around your home can give your property a much more sophisticated feel in general too, which is another benefit because it can give your home a modern atmosphere which seems to be really trendy right now. With this smart technology, you have the ability to give someone temporary access to your home, rather than giving them a physical key. You can open your door from wherever you are through an app on your phone, so if someone needs access for whatever reason they could give you a call and ask you to let them in. This is without a doubt one of the best clever ways to increase home security.

Add security signs

Something as simple as this really goes a long way, if you feel as though you don’t have the budget for any of these ideas then the best way to go about things would be to fake it until you make it. Small CCTV warning signs can sometimes be just enough to make criminals give your house a pass when they are looking for targets. Of course, you might not actually have CCTV, but any potential burglars don’t know that! This is why adding some signs is one of the most clever ways to increase home security out there. If you are thinking about saving up for some new smart home technology to improve the safety of your home but you haven’t quite saved up enough money, then this could be a good substitute for the time being while you are waiting. Everything helps when it comes to security.


Adding CCTV is probably one of the most essential upgrades you could make, for obvious reasons. If you think about things hypothetically and imagine you were a burglar, you would most definitely avoid breaking into a home if you knew you were being recorded. Having a security camera capturing footage around the clock to watch out for any trouble can lower the chances of a break-in incredibly.  If CCTV is something that you are interested in looking into having installed, then you can click here for CCTV installation services.

Get a dog

This might seem a little old-fashioned, but a dog is probably your best bet overall when it comes to home security. Don’t get us wrong, today’s new technology can do a lot for the security of your home, but nothing quite beats a guard dog. Dogs are instinctively protective; they don’t like it very much when someone they aren’t familiar with comes into their home. If a burglar breaks into a home and spots a dog the chances are they are going to take off before the dog gets the chance to attack them, even the ruckus they would make alone is enough to discourage someone from breaking in. We feel that we should mention that you should never get a dog for this sole purpose, getting a dog means you will have a new member of the family too. They require a large amount of love and attention and can’t be kept in the house for too long at a time, so it’s important to remember this too. If you are considering getting a dog, another plus would be how it’s one of the most clever ways to improve your home security.



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