Common Misconceptions about Alcohol Recovery You Should Ignore

When it comes to substance abuse, there are a lot of harmful stereotypes and myths that are still purveyed. Even with all of the advancements that have been made, and all of the good information that is available about alcohol and drug treatment, many misconceptions remain among the general public.

That’s why debunking myths about alcohol recovery and sobriety is very important, especially for people already struggling with alcoholism which may be considering treatment. Here are six common misconceptions about addiction and recovery:

Misconception 1: People Who Develop Alcohol Problems Are Dealing with Emotional and/or Psychological Issues

People who struggle with alcohol are usually going through the same problems as everyone else. While they may increase their drinking as stress increases, it doesn’t mean they’re experiencing mental or emotional problems.

Misconception 2: Alcohol Recovery Program Success Rates Are Low Because So Many People Relapse

The sad truth about alcoholism is that it is an unrelenting disease, and it comes after those who struggle daily. But recovery centers aren’t judged based on how many patients never get drunk or high again; if they successfully give people the tools to get back up after their relapse and get sober again, they are fulfilling their mission.

Misconception 3: Anyone Who Drinks Excessively Can Become an Alcoholic Because Alcohol Is an Addictive Substance

This is not true in people who are not predisposed to alcoholism. While not every cause of addiction is fully known or understood, it has been clear that some people can drink excessively for long periods without becoming addicted.

Misconception 4: Alcoholism Is All Psychological, and It Can be Overcome with Discipline and Willpower

This falsehood is not only wrong; it’s dangerous. Because it has led the way too many alcoholics to relapse when they thought they could learn to control their drinking through sheer willpower. To get and stay sober, you need the help of properly trained and qualified therapists and staff.

Misconception 5: Confrontation and Criticism Is the Best Way to Get Someone to Go to Treatment

In actuality, this may be one of the most ineffective methods of trying to help a loved one that could be offered. In most cases, embarrassing the person struggling with alcoholism will negatively affect them and make them more averse to treatment.

Misconception 6: Alcoholics Have to Want to be Helped for Any Treatment to be Effective

The fact is that when alcoholics first enter an alcohol recovery center, they are oftentimes not in the best frame of mind and sometimes not even competent to make their own decisions. Once the detox has taken place, and the withdrawal symptoms fade, treatment is often very helpful like the medication assisted treatment for Alcohol Use which combines psychotherapy or counseling with certain medications.

With so many of these (and other) misconceptions about alcoholism floating around, it’s no wonder those struggling with addiction are confused about the right way to go about treatment and sobriety.

When you enter a rehab facility, the staff and therapist there will guide you in the right way to get your drinking problems under control and treat the underlying causes of your alcohol issues.



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