Common Misconceptions About Pressure Washing

It has been a common misconception that pressure washing is a challenging task that needs special training. This has been a false idea because it is possible to operate it provided you have the proper guidance.

So why are people reluctant to try these easy steps of pressure washing?

The following are common misconceptions about pressure washing;

Pressure washing is incredibly hazardous to use

The misconception comes from fear of the spurts of water striking their face. But there is no real danger if you are cautious and follow safety measures. Using a garden hose pipe to perform your chores, such as cleaning, is possible.

Pressure washing is strenuous

This is another kind of misconception that describes pressure washers as a must to have a well-modeled nozzle made up of brass to withstand high pressure.

The nozzles are typically screwed at the end of the garden hose for attachment, and guess what? These sprayers perform so well in terms of the rate flow of water compared to other nozzles, which have intermittent streams from big openings.

Pressure washing is only for commercial and industrial uses only

This is the most outrageous misconception concerning pressure washing. There is no difference between your windows, and the sidewalk and car are not distinct from those of the business. Despite using powered washers, your belongings are so special.

You can use proper equipment at home rather than those heavy power washers! The tasks to do include the removal of mildew, cleaning gutters, and removing mold build-up. Therefore, there is no excuse for not doing the same work at home.

Pressure washing needs chemicals

Another misconception is that you have to include detergents when cleaning. This is not true! All the tasks can be accomplished with only plain water at high pressure. Moreover, using only plain water is advantageous as you can clean anything without worrying about the damage that chemicals might have caused.

Pressure washing requires a commercial pressure washer

The misunderstanding about pressure washers is that they can only n powered by heavy electric motors. Nowadays, power washers are affordable, nothing but easy-to-find current! Most people believe that noisy engines do these kinds of cleaning work. The gasoline-powered units are only meant for specific purposes, such as discarding concrete stains.

Electric models are becoming common in homes and small industries due to the gradual decrease in the pressure washer price in Kenya. In addition, they require minimum maintenance.

Pressure washing requires a professional pressure washer

Another disappointing myth is that it can only be used by construction companies and wash businesses that can afford the expenses of usage. By the way, the standard pressure washers available are simple and less expensive.

Pressure washing requires lots of power to obtain the duty appropriately performed.

This is just enough for the removal of dirt from the surfaces. If you need something legit and reliable, you can opt to use an electric pressure washer which does not require more attention on maintenance.


There will always be misconceptions about anything that glitter. This is because many people may need more knowledge about it. But when they get help and see its advantages, they will see its usefulness.



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