Cracking the Code: Kooky Kookai Sizes Unveiled!

Kookai is a French fashion brand known for its chic and trendy clothing line. However, there’s always been a struggle for buyers to understand their sizing system, which could be a bit kooky for some. But fret not, we’ve cracked the code and will be revealing the secrets of Kookai sizes to help you achieve a perfect fit!

The Kooky Kookai Puzzle: Understanding Their Sizing System

Kookai sizes can be a bit confusing as they use a combination of letters and numbers to indicate their sizes. However, once you understand the system, it’s easy to decipher. The brand uses a size range that goes from 34 to 44, with 34 being the smallest and 44 being the largest.

But, here’s the catch: they also use letters to indicate the fit. S stands for standard fit, and F, which stands for form-fitting, or slim-fit. So, for example, if you see a size 38F, that would indicate a slim-fit size 38.

It’s also important to note that Kookai sizes tend to run small, so it’s always best to go up a size if you’re unsure about the fit. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to try on the clothing item in-store or refer to their size chart online.

From XS to XL: Mastering Kookai Sizes for a Perfect Fit

Now that you understand the Kookai sizing system, let’s delve into their actual sizes. The brand uses four sizes: XS, S, M, and L, which correspond to sizes 34-36, 36-38, 38-40, and 40-42, respectively.

But wait, there’s more! Kookai also has an XL size, which corresponds to size 44. However, the brand only offers XL in a limited selection of styles, so it’s always best to check with the store or online before purchasing.

In conclusion, cracking the code of Kookai sizes doesn’t have to be a struggle. With a little bit of understanding, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit in no time. Don’t be afraid to try on clothing items in-store or refer to their size chart online to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit. So go ahead, rock that Kookai outfit with confidence!


In an increasingly complex and multifaceted online market, fashionistas everywhere are questioning one of the most perplexing aspects of online retail – clothing sizes. Are they really true to their measurements? How do they compare to each other? Enter ‘Cracking the Code’, a new initiative rolled out by the popular boutique label Kookai to demystify sizing and provide a comprehensive guide for shoppers.

The initiative includes an extensive sizing chart that meticulously compares and contrasts Kookai sizes to those of other labels. At the heart of the Cracking the Code campaign is an extensive analysing system that takes into account multiple factors and measurements, such as body shape (e.g. petite, curvy, etc.), fabric type, cut, and even the intended fit for a garment. Everything considered, the result is a comprehensive and accurate guide that gives Kookai shoppers a precise reference for the fit and size of each ensemble.

With this new and comprehensive sizing guide, online fashionistas everywhere can feel confident in their shopping selections. Cracking the Code enables them to make precise, data-driven decisions and shop with confidence. Furthermore, Kookai’s tools and guides are designed to see each customer’s preferences and style, and create a truly personalised shopping experience.

Undoubtedly, this is an incredibly useful and innovative tool for fashion-lovers all over the world. Cracking the Code empowers consumers to interact with the Kookai boutiques with the utmost confidence, feeling sure that the pieces they select will fit accurately and offer the perfect style. Ultimately, the takeaway is this – through Kookai’s intelligent algorithm, ‘Cracking the Code’, they have created a truly revolutionary sizing guide – and allowed consumers to give in to the alluring shift toward online retail.



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