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La Vespa Menu and brochure designs

A Collection of 30 Creative Brochure Designs for Restaurant

Restaurant business is one of the oldest and most popular business ventures around the world. That is why the number of restaurants is still growing. The existing and new restaurants compete with others to provide better food, better atmosphere and better experience to their customers. Only having the best products will not help you to win these competitions. Rather, you need to apply proper marketing techniques and make people aware about your business.

One of the most effective ways of doing that, is to have gorgeous, attractive looking brochures for your customers. The brochures are physical materials distributed to the customers. An ideal restaurant brochure includes the location, contact details in it. Featured foods, dishes, platters, offers, promotions etc also placed alongside. The brochure will help people learn more on your restaurant and encourage you visit the place.

Now you know it is clear that the design of your restaurant’s brochure is crucial in marketing. While it is impossible to go collect real brochures from every restaurants one by one. To make it easier, we have collected design samples of the best creative brochure designs for restaurants.  Take a look at the designs and let the creative ideas flow for your own restaurant brochure. Also check out these below resources to design your own brochure templates from scratch with psd files.

1. The Banyan Tree Indian restaurant

The natural design of the brochure perfectly matches with the restaurant’s name. The cardboard like background and the use of bright colors have made the whole package more interesting.

The Banyan Tree Indian restaurant

2. Half Fold Menu Mock-up

Featuring smart objects, this brochure design could easily be used as a template for new designs. You can replace the dummy text and input real text to be used in the final version.

Half Fold Menu Mock-up

3. Aloha Grub Menu

Designed for an actual restaurant, this brochure is intended for customers of all ages. The contrasting colors and the clean, white text has made the brochure easy to read and look attractive at the same time.

Aloha Grub Menu

4. Brochure 37street

Aimed at introducing the customers with the various types of dishes available, Brochure 37street is another excellently designed restaurant brochure. It is also possible to include the menu with the brochure.

Brochure 37street

5. Skyline Restaurant

If you are looking for a brochure layout which includes lots of text and an attractive front page, Skyline Restaurant could be a great choice for you. Besides the images, you can include the price and ingredients of your dishes too.

Skyline Restaurant


With large fonts and lots of white space, this brochure design will grab the attention of your customers instantly. The cleverly positioned large images increase the overall appeal of the design.


7. Conte Miaris Restaurant

This brochure was designed for a Greek restaurant which serves Italian flavored cuisine. The brochure is provided with a nice pop-up design with the logo being shown primarily.

Conte Miaris Restaurant

8. Hawaiian Time

Featuring a festive, colorful design, the Hawaiian Time brochure is perfect for the beachside restaurants. The bright colors and unique design will surely draw the attention of the customers.

Hawaiian Time

9. Trifold Restaurant & Cafe Menu Template

With a tri-fold design and four original PSD files, this restaurant brochure looks very professional. Being powered by Smart Object, the layout is easily customizable.

Trifold Restaurant & Cafe Menu Template

10. Naval Officer’s Institute Upper Deck Restaurant Menu

As the name suggests, this is a perfect design for naval restaurants or any other place which wants to provide to provide a naval look in the brochure. The brochure includes high quality images and a fully functional menu.

Naval Officer's Institute Upper Deck Restaurant Menu

11. China Garden Restaurant Menu

The slim, compact design of the brochure has made it perfect for using in any type of restaurants. You can easily include all the necessary information in the tri-fold design.

China Garden Restaurant Menu

12. La Vespa Menu

La Vespa Menu is provided with a minimal, simple design and a beautiful typography. The brochure is perfect for small to medium sized restaurants.

La Vespa Menu

13. Modern Restaurant Menu Set

This is a fully customizable brochure template for restaurants or any food related business. The designer has used various shades of the colors to bring uniqueness in the design.

Modern Restaurant Menu Set

14. Restaurant Menu Templates Front-2 Middle-Back

This elegantly designed restaurant brochure comes with multiple middle pages and replaceable photos. The attractive design of the brochure will suit any type of restaurant.

Restaurant Menu Templates Front-2 Middle-Back

15. Modern Restaurant Menu Package

With a beautiful combination of dark and light backgrounds, Modern Restaurant Menu Package is another excellent brochure design for restaurants.

Modern Restaurant Menu Package

16. Hoy no Cocinas

If your restaurant offers any type of packages or food platters, this brochure could be the ideal choice for you. As the brochure includes three folds, you can provide detailed information about your cuisine.

Hoy no Cocinas

17. Bima Restaurant Menu Book

Designed for an actual restaurant in Indonesia, this brochure was designed to be a simple but appealing menu book for the customers. The whole design is perfectly aligned with the restaurant’s existing logo.

Bima Restaurant Menu Book

18. The Pioneer Homestead Restaurant

Featuring different backgrounds for each page this is an interesting brochure design. There is enough space for providing information about your dishes.

The Pioneer Homestead Restaurant

19. Dépliant Trifolder

This is a tri-folder brochure design for modern restaurants. Light colors, beautiful typography and attractive images have made the design more interesting.

Dépliant Trifolder

20. Warehouse Restaurant Xmas New Year Menu

Designed for the Warehouse Restaurant located in London, this brochure could be an excellent starting point for creating New Year and/or Christmas brochures for any other restaurant.

Warehouse Restaurant Xmas New Year Menu

21. Miss India Takeaway Menu

With a beautiful combination of black and white backgrounds, this brochure design includes lots of text. If you want to inform your customers about every dish and platters you offer, you can consider this one.

Miss India Takeaway Menu

22. The Huggy’s Bar menu

This uniquely designed restaurant brochure comes with both two-fold and three-fold versions. It is possible to include both images and description for your culinary items.

The Huggys Bar menu

23. Mamak Malaysia Complete Re-design & Branding

Originally designed for a Malaysian restaurant in New York, this design includes a total redesign of all the visual elements. Among them, the tri-fold brochure looks modern and elegant.

Mamak Malaysia Complete Re-design & Branding

24. Half Fold Menu Mock-up 2

This very realistic restaurant brochure template is designed with Smart Object. You can easily replace the dummy text with your own content and create a new brochure for your restaurant.

Half Fold Menu Mock-up 2

25. Cozy Cafe & Lounge

This brochure design has separate sections for different types of foods and drinks. The colorful brochure uses different contrasting colors to bring variety into the design.

Cozy Cafe & Lounge

26. Restaurant Menu Mock-Ups

By using this Smart Object powered design, you can create brand new brochures for your restaurant within minutes. The PSD files could be easily changed to match your content and design.

Restaurant Menu Mock-Ups

27. Hotel Menu Design

Hotel Menu Design is a beautifully designed brochure templates with detailed information about the platters you are offering. The four-fold brochure has enough space for accommodating large amount of content.

Hotel Menu Design

28. Bogart’s Menu Tri-Fold

Featuring a wooden background, Bogart’s Menu is another attractive looking restaurant brochure design for you. The tri-fold brochure includes many images and lots of text for providing detailed information about the dishes.

Bogart’s Menu Tri-Fold

29. Modern Restaurant Menu

The fully layered Modern Restaurant Menu is a professionally designed brochure template. The attractive front page and the beautiful typography grabs the attention of customers.

Modern Restaurant Menu

30. Restaurant Tri-fold Brochure Design

If you want a very simple design for your restaurant brochure, this could be the one for you. The brochure does not have any flashy design, bold colors or large fonts. The brochure will let the customers focus on the food, not on the design.

Restaurant Tri-fold Brochure Design

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