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css3 dropdown menu maker

Best CSS Dropdown Menu Generators

Some user friendly dropdown menu generators for your navigation menu with responsive layout support is introduced here. These are not the essential tools for building menus but these will give you head start for your menu design with optimized code. Later you can alter the menus with minimal effort as this gui tools are designed to speed up menu design.

Stay tuned for future updates with new css dropdown menu generators as i have only added some modern day menu makers as i think there is a lack of menu generator tools these days. Let me know if you have found any similar tools which is worth while working with.

Responsive Drop Down Menu Maker

Build your menus online with this amazing tool which will let you preview the code, live menu display and even let you export the designed menu to a zip file. The left side of the tool will let you create new menu items and you have complete control of drag and drop to place the items wherever you want them to be. Adding unlimited submenus is possible and the result is responsive to display the menu properly in mobile and tablet devices as well.

The background color of the menu bar can be changed with the online live tool itself so that we can see the result right away. Set your home element active and make links open in new windows if you require that option as well. You can modify the total width of the main menu and its sub menus along with the font size, color, text hover effects etc.


css menu generator

GenieMenu – Responsive Menu Generator

A premium product for generating dropdown menu on a mobile device with ease. This jQuery plugin takes your desktop menu and makes it suitable for responsive mobile devices. The menu is well optimized for small screens with great performance. You can control the color theme, background effect and even add transitions to menu while dropdown.

Demo | Source

genie responsive menu generator for mobile

CSS3 Menu Maker

A software with free version which can be utilized to create custom menu designs with unlimited dropdown  layers is very user friendly to work with. The premium version has many more templates to choose from other that you can alter the code if necessary for a desired effect once the basic outline is setup with this free menu software. Supporting all major browser versions and mobile platforms this software also has a better GUI to create menus easily.

There is no JavaScript code for this menu generator. The main toolbar has two main features which we look out for. One of them is adding item and another is to add sub item for the main item. Free version includes three set of templates and 10 sets of free icons as well. The flat glyph icon set will come in handy to insert icon to the menu as desired. You can double click the icon while the menu item is selected to assign a particular icon. There are multiple icon resolution to choose from for better quality if required. The template can be made responsive if your website requires a responsive layout design. Its good to see a free software allowing editing of fonts, text, icons without nay issues and you can publish the file to html, css3 as required.


css3 menu maker

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  1. Ivy

    Hi there,

    This is an excellent write up about Menu making using CSS, I am searching this one for a long time and finally I got it :D

    Thank you very much.

    Keep it up :-)

  2. Allan

    Great list of generators!

    Another very useful one that I’ve been using is that has like 5 different styles to choose from.

  3. nectar

    Thank you so much for sharing beautiful Menu making using CSS.

  4. Dave Martin

    I’ve been using CSS3 Menu for about a year and it is very easy to use and even the free version provides a wide variety of styles to choose from. However, if you create a main menu with a total of 30 different menu items to navigate to 30 different web pages, you seem to need the same duplicate code on every web page. If you need to make a small change to the menu structure then this has to be changed on 30 pages – or am I missing something? Is there any way to have this menu structure only once and to refer to it from each page?

    • Chris Ray

      Use PHP includes. If you’ve not used them before, it’s not a difficult concept.
      I’m not really a coder and I picked it up quite easily.
      If no other PHP…use includes.
      They will save you the repetition time you refer to.

  5. Ken Bickley

    I have the same question as Dave Martin.

    I would like just one copy of the html code for the menu and just to be able to refer to this from each page so that when I need to alter the menu I have only one file of html code to edit. I would also want to use the same principle for sub menus.

    IS there any way to do this.

    • Dermot Vaughan

      Simply use an iFrame on each page, – put your nav.html ref in each iframe, then you only need to update the single nav.html as it will show inside each iFrame.

  6. Nick

    Consider to add SWIMBI (Swift Menu Builder) – in your article.
    It allows to make responsive, drop down menus with a whole lot of icons.
    For free.

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