Curtis Stone’s Better Half: Meet the Charming Mrs. Stone!

Curtis Stone is a renowned Australian chef, television personality, author and entrepreneur, known for his successful cooking career and charming personality. But behind every successful man, there’s a woman who supports him and stands by his side. And in Curtis Stone’s case, it’s none other than his lovely wife, Lindsay Price. In this article, we will get to know more about the charming Mrs. Stone and how she’s contributed to her husband’s success.

Introducing the Lovely Mrs. Stone: Behind the Aussie Chef’s Success

Lindsay Price is an American actress and producer, who’s best-known for her roles in popular TV shows like "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Lipstick Jungle". She met Curtis Stone in 2009, when they were both guests on the same talk show. It was love at first sight, and the couple got engaged in July 2012, and tied the knot later that year in Spain.

Since then, Lindsay has been an integral part of Curtis’ life and career. She’s often seen supporting him at his events and appearances, and has also appeared on some of his cooking shows. In an interview, Curtis has credited Lindsay for helping him balance his personal and professional life, and being a great mother to their two sons.

Keeping Up with Curtis Stone’s Better Half: From Love Story to Family Life

Curtis and Lindsay are proud parents to two adorable boys, Hudson and Emerson. The family of four often shares glimpses of their life on social media, and it’s clear that they share a strong bond. Lindsay is often seen posting pictures of their family vacations, fun moments with her sons, and even cooking experiments with Curtis in their kitchen.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes it a point to spend quality time with their family. They often take their kids on outdoor adventures, go hiking, and even have movie nights at home. And when Curtis is away on work, Lindsay takes charge of the household, and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

In conclusion, behind every successful man, there’s a supportive and loving wife. And Curtis Stone is lucky to have found his in Lindsay Price. Together, they make a wonderful team, and their love story and family life is a true inspiration. Here’s wishing them many more years of happiness and success!

She has been called the perfect match for celebrity chef Curtis Stone – so what’s it like to be in the spot light with him?

For the past five years, Lindsay Price Stone has been living life in the public eye, as the wife of Australian-born chef and celebrity, Curtis Stone. Together, the couple is one of Australia’s highest-profile married couples, owning restaurants, selling cookbooks, and appearing on television together.

But Lindsay Price Stone is more than just a beautiful face next to her husband. Born in California and raised in the small community of Diamond Bar, she has enjoyed a successful career as an actress, model and designer.

With a career spanning multiple mediums and genres, Lindsay has appeared on television shows such as Charmed, All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful and Beverly Hills, 90210. Aside from acting, she is also a passionate advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion, co-founding the organic label NL Collective and acting as an ambassador for Fashion Revolution, an organization that seeks to promote and create fair labor practices in the fashion industry.

Yet, despite her impressive career and outspoken humanitarian work, it is often her relationship with Curtis that is placed in the spotlight. The couple met in 2009 at a party thrown by one of Curtis’ good friends, and it was love at first sight. They were married in 2013 – an intimate ceremony held in Spain. Together, they have two sons, and all of them divide their time between homes in Los Angeles and Tuscany.

Lindsay is rarely seen without the support and adoration of her husband – Curtis is never too far behind. In fact, Lindsay is often seen praising Curtis when speaking about him in interviews – referring to him as “incredibly supportive” and her “rock.” She also admits that the balance between their work and personal lives can be hard to strike, as both of their bustling careers demand attention, but that is also what makes their relationship work.

Overall, it is clear that the love and mutual support between Curtis and Lindsay is strong. Their story is one of growing up, growing together and finding love. As Curtis has said himself, “It’s been the best ride of my life.”



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