Dental Crown VS A Filling – Why You Should Opt for a Ceramic Crown

Dental crowns are prosthetic devices cemented over the tooth, providing coverage and strength. They are fabricated from metals or porcelain and are bonded to the tooth using adhesives.

Crowns are used to treat cavities, cracked and chipped teeth and to support bridges. They also help to protect damaged root canals and strengthen weakened teeth.

A same day dental crown offers a convenient solution for those seeking to restore the appearance and function of a damaged tooth in a single visit. Gone are the days of going to the dentist to get an imprint of the tooth, to have it sent to a lab. A same day crown can now be printed in a dental office with equipment like CEREC technology.

How a Dental Crown Adds Strength and Protection

Unlike fillings, a crown encases the tooth entirely. Thereby, providing a layer of material that replaces the tooth enamel and provides protection. This is essential for teeth that are severely damaged or decayed. A severe crack on one of the molars for example, would be adequate to protect with a dental crown.

In most cases, a ceramic crown is recommended, unless there is a patient preference. These crowns are more vital than their porcelain counterparts and can last many years with proper care. They’re more aesthetically pleasing than porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns. They can also be stained to look as natural as the surrounding teeth.

You may want to avoid having one super bright crown while the rest of your teeth are an off white. Your dentist should make it a suitable color that will work with your next teeth whitening procedure.

Function and Aesthetics Matter!

A same day dentist working on your ceramic crown should focus on its lifelike appearance. This is a far better option than a metal-based crown, which often appears less natural than patients would like it to. It should mimic a similar appearance in color and shape to your natural teeth. One aspect of dentistry is that function and aesthetics go hand in hand. While you want comfort and a healthy set of teeth, you should also want to present an ideal outward appearance.

Ceramic crowns are made using a digital design model created without needing impressions. The virtual design is then sent to a computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) computer-aided manufacturing machine that mills the ceramic material. This allows for a quick turn around and placement of your crown in 45 minutes.

Crown VS a Dental Filling

While a crown carries its many benefits, there is one issue that doesn’t benefit everyone. Depending on your budget and financial needs, a filling may be your best option in the short term. A same day dentist will certainly charge you more for a dental crown. However, a filling may be well within your budget and if you have an emergency need, you should protect the tooth with a filling.

The durability of a filling may not be as strong and lasting as a dental crown. In the end, you will want to remedy the health problem with what financial means are at your disposal. After all, while a dental filling is a more conventional method of protecting the tooth, it has also been the standard for many years across the industry.

Post Crown and Dental Filling Procedure

Post Crown Treatment:

After your dental crown, you will have very little waiting to do, to get back on your steady routine. Post dental crown procedure, allows you to start eating like you used to. You can feel comfortable leaving the office and in less than an hour, you can visit your favorite restaurant and start eating your favorite foods.

Post Filling Treatment:

After a dental filling, you can undertake many of the actions you used to as well. However, you may need to wait a little longer to ensure that the filling in the tooth is adequately dried and has hardened to a satisfactory level. This could take up to 24 hours on the safe side. Nonetheless, in the end, you will have your tooth restored and any associated pain will go away.



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