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30+ Amazing Dental Logo Examples You Should See

Having a nice and attractive logo is a very important factor in your branding strategy. Therefore, logos need to have visually appealing design along with focusing on the purpose. Most of the time, people look at the company logo first. Therefore, an ideal logo will let the customers know what they can expect from the company.

When it comes to designing unique, fresh logos, dentistry is not the first choice for most designers. But that does not mean that dentists do not need logos. Rather, they also need interesting logos for their visiting cards, signboards and office accessories. While it is a common trend to use a tooth for the dentist logo, there is a large variety of designs that revolve around that single tooth. In today’s post, we have collected 33+ amazing dental logo examples that you shouldn’t miss. We hope these will give you the inspiration for designing your next dental logo.

1. FreshDent

Featuring a leaf and the green color, this logo emits freshness instantly. The design also looks very friendly.

2. Southwest Smiles Dental Clinic

Unlike most other dental logo designs, this logo does not feature the white and blue colors. Instead, this one uses more of a lime green color. The whole package looks very impressive.

Southwest Smiles Dental Clinic

3. Dentalocate

This one shows how far you can go by tweaking the tooth shape. While this was not intended to be anything serious, this has the potential to become something.


4. Smile Center

This logo is a redesign for an actual dentist. The logo perfectly accompanies the name by implying a smiling posture.

Smile Center

5. Lake Dental

Here’s another interesting dental logo concept. This one is based on a single tooth and then the design is spread over.

Lake Dental


This logo was originally designed for a prosthetic laboratory. Besides a single tooth, the logo also forms the shape of the letter N.


7. Dental clinic

You will rarely see the red color in dental logos. However, this logo has done exactly that and it does look great too.

Dental clinic

8. Optimum Dental Technologies

Designed for a dental lab, this logo includes the full company name. And the dental part comes as the letter M.

Optimum Dental Technologies

9. Island Pediatric Dentistry

This logo was designed for a dentist from Long Island, hence the name. With all the illustrations, the logo looks like a cute bear.

Island Pediatric Dentistry

10. Kids’ Dentist

Is it possible to design a child-friendly dentist logo? Well, here’s one answer for you. The tooth in this logo is looks mostly like a gaming console with all the buttons.

Kids' Dentist

11. Mateer

Here is another interesting dental logo. It features a glowing tooth along with the brand name in the bottom.


12. Precision Dental

This professional looking logo looks very attractive. In order to reflect the brand name, the tooth is made to look like a shooting target.

Precision Dental

13. Blue Hills Dental

Featuring various versions of the blue color, this logo features a large tooth. This could be easily used in visiting cards or any other print design.

Blue Hills Dental

14. Dentalhouse

Here comes another creative dental logo design. This logo features both a tooth and a house. Therefore, it conveys the brand name in a visual way too.


15. Biodentis

Unlike most other entries of this post, this one is a rather abstract design. But that does not look bad at all. The color combination looks great actually.


16. Dentessa

This logo implies that the company offers a comprehensive dental service. The uncommon color used in the tooth has added some extra attraction for the logo.


17. Barataria Dental

This logo was created for a dentist who had patients from the top upper class. He decided to make the tooth look like a diamond and used the purple color intentionally.

Barataria Dental

18. Nordstrom Dental

Here’s another of those dental logos which dared to break out of the common trends. That does not mean that the designer has forgotten to include the tooth!

Nordstrom Dental

19. Sweet Tooth

This modern, classy logo is perfect for the new generation of dentists. The use of light pink color has created a comforting look in the logo.

Sweet Tooth

20. West Valley Dental

Including a single tooth and an obvious love sign, this is a very friendly dental logo. This could also be used as the base of further design works.

West Valley Dental

21. FreshTooth

Featuring a rather large tooth, this dental logo could be easily used for any business related to oral health.


22. St. Marie’s Family Dentistry

This is an interesting concept for a dental logo design. Here, the tooth is illustrated with a small icy landscape featuring a river and a forest.

St. Marie's Family Dentistry

23. Air Dental

If you are getting bored with the single tooth in all the logos, here’s your relief. This logo features a central tooth and another on each side.

Air Dental

24. Tunnel dentistry

Talking about creativity, this dental logo creates the impression that there is a tunnel inside the tooth. The whole package looks very interesting.

Tunnel dentistry

25. Healthy Teeth

This is a rather funny dental logo. The designer had made the tooth look like a human and he is doing some excercise.

Healthy Teeth

26. Illumident

Featuring a diamond shaped tooth, this logo is perfect for using in dental studios, dentist offices and any other relevant places.


27. Empire Dentistry

This logo features a very interesting design. The tooth is shaped as the helmet of a warrior and the font selection is great too.

Empire Dentistry

28. Royal Dentistry

This one looks like it was designed for kings and royal families. The crown on top of the tooth and the font selection speak of the name.

Royal Dentistry

29. Mini Implant Solutions

This is a very interesting dental logo design concept. The designer has combined the tooth and the spiral medical logo in one simple package.

Mini Implant Solutions

30. Nature Ally Tooth Whitening

The green color used in this logo makes it a perfect choice for using in any natural or herbal tooth related products and services.

Nature Ally Tooth Whitening

31. Kara Dent

Featuring multiple colors in a single package, this is another attractive looking dental logo. The font looks interesting too.

Kara Dent

32. Dentists On Washington

This logo focuses on the letter D and then puts a tooth inside of the letter. You may try this concept in other colors, or maybe use multiple colors.

Dentists On Washington

33. CDC

Designed for Comfort Dental Clinic, this logo features three teeth. The combination of pink and white looks attractive too.


34. Morfodente

This logo was designed for Morfodente, a specialized dental clinic. The logo includes a white tooth inside of a blue circle.


35. Two Mile Ash Dental Practice

This logo delivers some important information. Besides telling you to brush your teeth two times a day, it also says that it was established in 1985.

Two Mile Ash Dental Practice

36. Softimplantology

Featuring a tooth inside of a heart shape, this logo could be easily used for any dentist chamber which specializes in soft implantology.


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