Designort * Licht Lampen & Leuchten * Oderberger Straße Berlin

Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten is a renowned shop located in Berlin’s Oderberger Straße. It is a place where customers can find a wide selection of high-quality lighting fixtures, ranging from modern and contemporary to classic and vintage. Designort also offers a comprehensive range of services, including design consultation, installation, and repair. Whether you’re looking for a unique statement piece or a timeless classic, Designort has something for everyone.

Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten

Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten is a family-run business that has been serving customers in the city of Berlin for over 40 years. The shop specializes in providing unique and high-quality lighting fixtures for both residential and commercial spaces. The shop has a wide selection of modern and contemporary fixtures, as well as classic and vintage styles. Designort is known for its knowledgeable and friendly staff, who are always eager to help customers find the perfect lighting fixture for their space.

Shopping in Oderberger Straße, Berlin

Oderberger Straße is a bustling street in the heart of Berlin. It is known for its eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, making it a great place to explore and find unique items. Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten is a must-visit when shopping in the area. The shop has a wide selection of lighting fixtures, from modern and contemporary to classic and vintage, that are sure to add a unique touch to any space. Designort also offers design consultation, installation, and repair services, so customers can be sure that their lighting fixtures are installed correctly and safely.

Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten is the perfect destination for anyone looking for unique and high-quality lighting fixtures in Berlin. With its wide selection of styles and knowledgeable staff, customers can be sure to find the perfect lighting fixture for their space. With Designort’s comprehensive services, customers can also be sure that their lighting fixtures are installed correctly and safely. If you’re looking for lighting fixtures in Berlin, be sure to visit Designort: Licht Lampen & Leuchten in Oderberger Straße.

Designort, the premier retailer of Licht Lampen & Leuchten located in Oderberger Straße, Berlin, is one of the most sought-after shopping destinations in the city. This world-renowned store provides its customers with the latest trends in modern lighting and visual aesthetics. Its expertly curated selection of lighting products is crafted with the highest standards of quality and design.

The beautiful shop is filled with classic, modern, and contemporary lighting products from renowned international designers. Whether it’s a chandelier, table lamp, suspension, floor lamp, wall lamp, or even outdoor lighting, Designort has it all. Each piece is carefully chosen to create a unique atmosphere in any living space.

No visit to Designort is complete without unique pieces from the renowned international designers such as Edward van Vliet and Vincent Van Duysen. Visitors can also find something special for their home in the wide selection of decorative elements and accessories like vases, candles, and trays.

The professional staff at Designort is not only trained in the art of lighting, but also in creating the perfect atmosphere for your home. With experienced interior design specialists, customers can easily identify the right products for their living space. The store also provides an excellent after-sales service, offering expert advice and tips on lighting maintenance, options, installation and more.

As one of the top lighting retailers in the city, Designort offers its customers the best quality, design, and atmosphere that only well-established lighting companies can provide. With its unrivaled selection of classic, modern, and contemporary products, Designort is the go-to destination for distinctive lighting in Oderberger Straße, Berlin.



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