“die Heilige Familie Mit Hirten”” Von Jacob Jordaens”

Jacob Jordaens was an influential Flemish Baroque painter who created many iconic works, including "The Holy Family with Shepherds". This painting is an example of his skillful use of color and composition to create an engaging and visually pleasing piece. It is a classic example of the Baroque style of painting, with its dramatic lighting and strong contrast between light and dark. In this article, we will take a closer look at this painting and discuss its features and symbolism.

Jacob Jordaens’ "The Holy Family with Shepherds"

Jacob Jordaens’ "The Holy Family with Shepherds" is a large oil painting on canvas, measuring approximately 145 x 180 cm. The painting depicts the traditional Christian scene of the Holy Family, with Mary and Joseph surrounded by the baby Jesus and shepherds. The painting was created in 1660 and is currently housed in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France.

A Descriptive Analysis of the Painting

The painting is composed of several different elements, all of which work together to create a compelling image. The focal point of the painting is the Holy Family, with Joseph and Mary kneeling in adoration of the baby Jesus. To the right of the Holy Family is a group of shepherds, who are illuminated by a bright light coming from the sky. This light serves to emphasize the importance of the scene and draw the viewer’s attention to the figures.

The painting is full of vibrant colors and details, which give it a sense of life and movement. The figures are all realistically rendered and the background is filled with lush vegetation, which creates a contrast with the bright light of the sky. Jordaens also uses a variety of different textures and brush strokes to create a sense of depth and dimension.

The painting is also full of symbolism. The shepherds represent the common people, who come to witness the birth of the savior. The light from the sky is a symbol of the divine and the hope that it brings. The bright colors and lush vegetation are symbols of life and fertility.

Jacob Jordaens’ "The Holy Family with Shepherds" is a beautiful and symbolic painting that exemplifies the Baroque style of painting. It is a masterful example of Jordaens’ skillful use of color, composition, and symbolism. The painting is full of vibrant colors and details that bring the scene to life, and the symbolism of the light, shepherds, and vegetation creates a

The painting “Die Heilige Familie Mit Hirten” by Flemish Baroque painter Jacob Jordaens is a timeless piece of art depicting the Holy Family in a rustic and simplified setting.

The painting, completed in 1620, is an oil painting on canvas. It portrays the Holy Family, being the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus and St. Joseph, being watched over by four shepherds. The painting is set outdoors in a pastoral setting with grazing sheep in the background. The figures of the Holy Family are positioned in front of a large imposing tree, at the base of which is baby Jesus, sitting in the grass wearing a bright blue cloak and a halo over his head.

The painting is a great example of Baroque art, featuring vibrant colours and a sense of movement that draw the viewer in. The perspective of the painting is intriguing, with the figures of the Holy Family being placed slightly above the viewer, making them seem larger and more important than the landscape and figures in the background.

The painting serves as an example of the kind of work that Jordaens was known for; he was an artist who favoured vivid colours, simplified figures and compositions and an overall balance of beauty and clarity. Jordaen’s painting is thus a perfect representation of the Flemish Baroque period, and its timelessness ensures that it will continue to captivate viewers for generations to come.



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