Different tips for basement water removal

by Maxwell Keith

Major basement damage can prove destructive for your home. It can be physically tiring, financially draining, and emotionally torturing. Irrespective of the issue behind the leak, water damage can drastically hamper your roof, furniture, wall, ceiling, flooring, and belongings. If your home is susceptible to basement flooding, you should first pump the water out and start the cleaning procedure.

Before choosing any DIY fix method, call professionals for help. It is essential to take the proper steps towards cleaning and repair to fix the issue genuinely. Here are some tips for basement water removal:

Find the issue

If your basement suffers from moisture issues, the first thing is to find the water source. There are several entry points for water, but the major ones are your walls, windows, and seams. After seeing the issue, ensure to patch it up so that water doesn’t come in the future. Some major reasons behind basement leaks and floods are high rainfall, snow melt storms, and gutters.

Start the cleanup

Firstly, switch off all electricity connections running through the basement to avoid hurting yourself. Also, ensure you wear protective gear to guard yourself. Also, open your basement windows to allow proper ventilation.

The tools

To remove water from your basement, you would need a sump pump. The pump will connect to a regular hose and remove the water from your home. If the water is very less, you can use a wet/dry vacuum for it. They suck water into a tank. Using either of the methods, you can get rid of the water in the basement.

Clean the mess

Once the water is removed, you should safely remove all your materials, such as drywall panels, carpet, and furniture. Some companies can help you with the process. Use a shovel to get rid of debris while it is damp. Then sanitize the floor using a chemical. Once the space is clean, speed your drying process using dehumidifiers and fans. Now is the time to inspect for leaks, cracks that have made your basement prone to leaks.

Use preventive measures

Surviving a flooded basement doesn’t mean that it will not occur again. But doing the process again involves hard work and money. And, this time, the damage will be more.

Hence, it is important to hire a professional to examine the space and help you find out what fixes it needs. There are several things to consider when choosing professional waterproofing services. Ensure you get what you’re looking for. Find out the dos and don’ts of basement waterproofing and decide whether you need the service for your property.

Hire a professional

While you have cleaned the space and removed the moisture, there is still one thing to take care of- the source from where leakage occurs. This is where professional waterproofing companies enter. They know wet basement Toronto at the back of their hands and help you pick the best basement waterproofing method according to your requirement and need.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak to a waterproofing contractor, and they will be happy to answer your queries to help you make informed decisions.

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