Double the Love: Colin Howell’s Second Wife Shines Bright!

It’s a story that shocked the world. Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan murdered their spouses in cold blood, only to be caught nearly 20 years later. However, amidst the gloom, there is a silver lining. Colin Howell found love again with his second wife, Kyle Jorgensen.

Double the Love: Colin Howell Finds Happiness Again!

Despite his dark past, Colin Howell was able to move on and find love once again. He met Kyle Jorgensen, a church pastor, after attending one of her sermons. The two hit it off immediately, and soon found themselves inseparable.

Colin and Kyle’s love story is nothing short of amazing. Despite the challenges that come with being in a relationship with a convicted murderer, Kyle stood by Colin’s side through thick and thin. They have since tied the knot, and are now living happily ever after.

From Tragedy to Triumph: Meet Colin Howell’s Second Wife!

Kyle Jorgensen is a woman of deep faith and conviction. She’s a church pastor who believes in the power of forgiveness and second chances. When she met Colin, she saw beyond his past mistakes and saw a man who was genuinely repentant and eager to start anew.

Despite the criticism that came with their relationship, Kyle remained steadfast in her love for Colin. She saw the good in him and was willing to help him become a better person. Today, they are both advocates for second chances and believe that everyone deserves a shot at redemption.

Colin Howell’s story is one of tragedy, but also of hope. His second wife, Kyle Jorgensen, is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, love can still find a way to shine through. Their love story is a testament to the power of forgiveness and the human capacity for change. They have shown the world that no matter how broken we may seem, there is always a chance for redemption and a brighter future.

Colin Howell, who came to public prominence when his involvement in a double murder became widely known in 2010, has found love again. The convicted killer, who is serving a life sentence in a Northern Ireland prison, is said to have recently married for a second time during a ceremony at the prison chapel.

The 72-year-old began serving his sentence for murdering his former wife and a former police officer in 2007. Samples of his handwriting were used to show he signed a suicide note with his first wife before the couple died in a car rigged with exhaust fumes.

Despite his troubling past, Howell has been able to find love with a woman he met while in prison. Reports say that the woman is a Christian minister who works at the prison as a volunteer. Though the woman has not been publicly identified, it has been made known that the new couple tied the knot in February.

Of course, the news has been met with mixed reactions. For many, the idea that a notorious killer can find a loving partner is difficult to accept. On the other hand, there are those who might see a ray of light in his circumstances – a small moment of kindness and positivity in the midst of a life otherwise marked by darkness and personal tragedy.

No matter what your personal feelings on the story, it is clear that Howell’s decision to love again is bold and significant. Moving on from a former life – even in prison – takes strength, courage and a willingness to look beyond one’s past actions and make a place for oneself in the present. Though his circumstances are far from ordinary, Howell’s story is a reminder that finding love and connection is possible, even when everything else might seem to be stacked against it.



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