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creative use of purple color in website design

Dreamy Purple in Web Design.  How Does It Affect Your Conversion?

The choice of color has crucial significance in graphic design. Understanding the basics of a color wheel, you can improve your artwork by choosing the right colors. Color schemes choice is not the matter of you taste or personal preference. It’s not to be done because it appears right to you. One should thoroughly study the colors before starting a project.

color schemes in website designs
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Why are colors so important for web design?

Because depending on your choice you can create a mood, make a statement or draw the attention of the viewer to the essential info. You can create a solid, sophisticated or funny, playful design. And all these depend on the proper colors choice.

Color wheel, the basic instrument to start working with colors. We are not going to bore you with the things you already know about Primary Colors (Red, Yellow and Blue), Secondary Colors (Orange, Green, and Purple), Tertiary Colors (Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Purple, Red-Purple, Red-Orange and Yellow-Orange), Color Harmonies, Tints, Shades and Tones, Warm and Cool Colors, Color Systems and so on.

Let’s better pass directly to the topic of this article and try to find out how purple color affects the conversions.

purple color schemes
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But before that, we would like to make a short digression and state the results of several studies on color psychology and marketing.

Did you know that “Impact of color on marketing” (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/abs/10.1108/00251740610673332) research found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product?

As to the role that color plays in branding, results from another study (http://mtq.sagepub.com/content/6/1/63) show that the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand.

Do you like purple color? Then, it’s time to know more about its impact on the user

Cultural context:

free high-resolution purple color photo of flower, statue, buddha
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Color psychology asserts that purple indicates royalty, among other things like creativity and stimulation. But purple’s connotation of royalty and luxury dates back to the political and economic heritage of Western traditions.

In ancient times, it was difficult to achieve beautiful purple dye for fabrics. The Phoenicians developed a process to make purple dye using the murex snail, but the dye was too costly.

Purple cloth became an index of status in Roman times, making its way to the emperor’s clothes. In fact, Nero made it a crime for anyone else to wear purple. The crime punishable by death! Can you believe that?

Western countries inherited this royal and imperial cultural context for purple, but other cultures around the world don’t have the same background.

For instance, Latin America and Thailand see purple as the color of mourning and death.

The Middle East sees purple as symbolic for wealth.

In more recent decades purple has become an increasingly feminized, especially when used in combination with pink.

Though the contemporary purple of children’s toys is a far cry from the ancient cultural heritage of imperial Rome, it demonstrates the impact culture has on our understanding of color all the same.

Present day associations with purple 

high-resolution photo of mountain bike
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Today purple is associated with royalty and wealth, wisdom and spirituality, sex and relationships, something exotic and special.

As we have mentioned above only the rich could afford purple in ancient Rome. That association remains strong all these centuries later, making purple an ideal hue for luxury brands.

When combined with red, it can feel intimate and romantic. With whites and pinks, it becomes playful and child-like.

Purple oozes elegance and sophistication. This color is ideal for a website that features niche, luxury products.

Purple is also most commonly known for its imagination and spirituality. It possesses the energy and power of red, with the stability and reliability of blue, making it a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual. Purple is often used to show luxury, loyalty, courage, mystery, and magic.

Purple is a very intriguing color as it soothes, but also presents space for mystery and new ideas. This is why creativity is most often associated with the color purple.

Linemotionis a good example of the purple website, where this color is used to emphasize that the agency is super creative, that it stands out among the competitors.

linemotion website design

Do you own a web design agency or are thinking of launching the one? Want to make it purple?

Here is Sandy, a beautiful Responsive WordPress Theme from TemplateMonster.com that will make your brand-new website launch really hassle-free.


Are you ready to read on? The most interesting info is waiting for you further.

NB! When using purple in website design, avoid using it too often as it can also cause too much introspection or distraction as thoughts begin to wonder.

Would you like to know which color makes the most powerful combination with purple?

Purple and Yellow!

 Here is a good example of the match. IBBLEOBBLE – a playful kid’s website.

purple playful kid’s website

Some more associations with purple:

Purple conveys tranquility, femininity, and luxury. Darker shades of purple can make a website look mysterious, yet elegant.

Avoid using purple when trying to appeal to men.

According to a survey, the color most associated with the word “courage” was purple. Purple websites look great for websites that showcase massage, yoga, and beauty products.

Associations connected to purple by countries and religions: 

photo of munich, map, paper, napkin and souvenir
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Thailand: Mourning

European: Royalty

Catholicism: Mourning, death, crucifixion

Feng Shui: Yin, spiritual awareness, physical and mental healing

Astrology: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Stained Glass (Dante): Justice, royalty, suffering, and mystery. With white, it stands for humility and purity.

More associations: Influence, third eye, psychic ability, spiritual power, self-assurance, hidden knowledge, dignity, high aspirations, royalty, spirituality, nobility, ceremony, mystery, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, sophistication, cruelty, arrogance, intuition, dreams etc..

A little bit of statistics & data:

Almost 75 percent of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all other colors, making bright purple effective for the promotion of children’s products. Light purple is useful for feminine designs. Excessive exposure to purple may cause people to become sullen, withdrawn and ill-at-ease with their surroundings.

Purple is a polarizing color – people either love it or hate it. Hmm… That’s interesting!

Purple hues & shades and notions associated with them:

Lavender: Yang, sexual indecision, malleability, romance, nostalgia, feminity.

Dark purple: gloom, sadness, frustration, royalty, richness.

Mauve: Yang, world consciousness.

Violet: Meditation, creativity, concentration, quietness, creative force, beauty, inspiration, artistry, music, chivalrous love, excellence, ethereal, sensuality, responsibility, sacrifice.

Blue purple: mystical.

Red purple: sensual, quirky.

Purple is noble. Dark purple implies wealth and luxury. Light shades are romantic.

Purple is used in order to transfer the idea of luxury and opulence, although it has shades that cause a calming and relaxing effect. It represents the work of magic and occultism, and it is the color for vanity.

Intense purples are the colors that better symbolize ideas of abundance, dignity, wealth, royalty and prestige.

Color lavender tends to personalize romanticism, nostalgia, and fantasy, and bluish purples revolve around meditation, charming, and mystery.

Mauve gives connotations of sentimentality, longing, and calm.

Purple represents royalty. It can be used to communicate creativity, imagination, authority, sophistication, power, wealth, prosperity, mystery, wisdom, success and respect. It has a soothing and calming effect on people.

  • Use dark purples to create a sense of luxury and wealth.
  • Light purples for spring and romance.

It’s great for beauty products (specifically anti-aging), astrology, massage, yoga, healing, spirituality, and content related to adolescent girls and feminine brands.

Using darker, deeper purples can make your site feel aloof or distant.

Be careful using it with food-related content.

As you know, for centuries, purple has been associated with royal authority; so it is often used to suggest luxury and abundance. It can be seen on a lot of websites for expensive jewelry, clothes, and other fancy things. Purple is a spiritual color that invites mystery and makes the website user want to find out more. Light purple (aka lavender or lilac) is one of the most popular pastel colors and is used to show femininity, spring, and romance. Little girl’s toys often use purples and pinks.

Purple signifies nobility, wealth, wisdom, intimacy, relationships and luxury.

Royal purple exudes class, power, passion, sensuality, and luxury.

Deep plum is spiritual and mysterious, with a serious dignified quality.

Lavenders and violets have a sweet, romantic, and nostalgic appeal.

Purple shades provide a sense of royalty and respect. As purple boosts creativity, tt is typically used in brands that strive to appear regal or innovative.


Pink and purple logos are associated with creativity, imagination, and youth. But they are not limited to products aimed at women. This is a lazy stereotype and a study has shown that neither gender has a preference to pink (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141117-the-pink-vs-blue-gender-myth), with blue being stated as the most common ‘favorite color’ of both men and women.

Purple is linked with royalty and therefore is considered a very luxurious color. It conveys ambition, independence, creativity, serenity, and wealth. From the Colour Assignments study, it shows that purple is a favorite color for women… but especially hated by men.

Have we stirred your appetite for browsing some more live examples of purple in website design?

Great! Then, meet Cadbury

Their website is made of all shades of purple. Do you think it’s supposed to say that Cadbury products are very special? Does it make you feel playful for some reason? In any case, their approach is interesting. While the chocolate is usually associated with energy (like Snikers) or sex (dark black chocolate), the playful approach definitely makes the brand different.

cadbury website design with purple color

When most people think of purple they think of Cadbury, the color symbolizes quality, luxury, and royalty.

Purple represents high-end products, the most expensive properties on Monopoly, Park Lane and Mayfair both had purple cards.

Cadbury, Hallmark = Purple (Luxury, Sophistication.)

In case you’ll decide that purple is the right color for your next project, use ready-made designs from industry experts. This is a smart approach as you’ll save not only your efforts and nerves but your money.

Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme – don’t you think that these incredible design in purple hues stimulates our imagination and we start to dream about the destinations we have never visited before… Click here

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You know, words are sometimes difficult to keep in mind. But we rarely forget the images. That’s why we offer you to have a look at the eye-candy infographics that will tell you everything about purple color in website design.



When you are designing a website that sells products for women then, never ever think of using gray or brown. In a survey conducted on how women react to specific colors, it was found that around 35% of the women audience like blue while another 23% love purple and another 14% like green.

Around 33% of women dislike orange, while another 33% dislike brown and another 17% say they dislike gray. Studies show that women exhibit dislike to earthy tones and have a greater preference for primary colors.

Take a look at female-targeted eCommerce websites and you will realize how the color psychology attracts them.

Another mistake that people usually commit while designing for the web is that they think pink is usually a lady’s favorite color. But, actually, it is not. There exist only a small percentage of women who love pink.

You may use colors like blue, green or purple while designing eCommerce websites that targets women audience. This will attract women customers and increase the conversions.

Color and Conversions

There has been a proven scientific connection between the color of products and the urge to purchase. Every time you see a color, there’s a chain of reactions taking place within the hypothalamus in your brain. Hormones are released to your thyroid, thus triggering emotions that affect your behavior. In fact, 62% to 90%  (http://www.colorcom.com/research/why-color-matters) of purchasing decisions is based on colors! So, studying deeper the psychology of color can significantly improve elusive conversions for your website.

Wrapping up

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. We hope it was useful for you and now you know everything or almost everything about purple color in web design and how it can affect the conversion of your site. Have any questions / comments / additions / examples – they are welcome at the comment section. Maybe you want to know more about some other color? We are ready to share all the information we know with you, just drop us a line.

Postscript: don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this article if you consider it inspiring. Thanks a bunch!

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