Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide – Important Facts

A mower, also known as a grass cutter, is used to cut grass surfaces to an even height using sharp revolving blades. Mowers have existed for several decades, mainly powered by fuel. The introduction of electric mowers is relatively new.

This article will explore factors to know before purchasing an electric mower.

Companies making lawnmowers have gone green by producing mowers powered by electricity which indicates their dedication to helping reduce carbon print and help their customers avoid the ever-rising cost of fuel.

Individuals keen on having a neatly trimmed lawn are lured by the many advantages electric mowers possess against their counterparts, such as less noise pollution, less maintenance, eco-friendly, and saving money in the long run.

The following are factors to consider before purchasing one;

Lawn size

The size of your lawn is directly proportionate to the amount of grass you will require to mow; if you have a property that’s less than one acre, an electric mower will work just fine. When shopping, ask the dealer how long the particular model takes before it runs out of juice and the size of square feet it can handle.

They typically run for thirty to forty minutes on a single charge, and large lawns may require a secondary battery, although you may divide the yard into two and mow them on different days.

Hand-pushed or self-propelled

Push lawnmowers come in two varieties: hand-pushed and self-propelled. With self-propelled, the machine cuts the grass as you walk behind it. Self-propelled mowers are more expensive and drain the battery due to their self-propelled function. Hand push requires you to push the mower as it cuts the grass, engaging the pushing muscles, but remember, an electric lawn mower is not that heavy.

Corded vs. un-corded mowers

Corded mowers are great for small and medium lawns and are relatively affordable. They won’t run out of power since they are plugged into an outlet. The downside is that you are tethered by the power cord and can’t mow beyond its range.

Un-corded mowers are a bit costly and heavier, considering the battery that comes with them. It’s limited in terms of the amount of work it gets done before requiring to be charged. Regardless, it has easier maneuverability since it doesn’t require a cord. While choosing one, one opts for personal preferences and the amount of work.


Lawnmowers have different decking materials. Some are made of metal, while others are plastic, metal protects the motor far better than plastic, and rocks won’t be able to crack. It’s safe to say the metal increases durability; though you will be required to pay more, it is worth it.


Electric mower requires less maintenance than traditional mowers. You will still have to change the battery after use and sharpen the blades from time to time. Proper storage is also essential; you should keep the charger and battery from moisture and very high or low temperatures.

Enquire what happens if there is an issue.

You must know what to do if the lawn mower doesn’t function properly. Please enquire with the retailer about the options available for the warranty claim; some companies have authorized dealers, while others insist you ship their product back to them.


Electric mowers come in different varieties; your choice is determined by your preference and the type of work intended for the electric mower; some are better for longer and straining work than others. In summary, electric mowers are eco-friendly and save you money in the long run compared to its counterpart.



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