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40+ Cool Samples of Embossed Business Cards

Business cards hold special importance for any individual or business that promote them as well as build up their reputation among potential customers. Therefore, it must be designed and crafted in a way that can positively convey the business message professionally yet effectively. If not, it would get failed in making required impression on people. Several types of business cards are in fashion and thus they are making quite positive impression on people due to special design and customization. Still businessmen and individuals want their cards to be unique and appealing than others. It is impossible to innovate new ideas day by day, still with some alterations and additions; we can make the existing styles more appealing and innovative.

Embossed style or design is being used when we are looking to make sophisticated yet professional impression on others. May be this design or style is new for you, but in cooperate world, the embossed business cards hold special recognition in promoting business effectively among business customers and partners. One more thing, before you proceed to check out designs, I would prefer to tell you something about category called as ‘embossed’. New business card styles can be created from our downloads of free business cards. It could be in embossed or debossed form and hence it is a process of making either raised or dug in supporting images, designs or text on paper or cards.

Today, I have decided to bring some excellent examples of embossed business card designs for you so you can get some beneficial ideas if you are looking to make vibrant impression on people to inform about your business or yourself.

Simple black cards may look dull, but if embossed with silver or golden ink or design would be great to highlight your business logo or message. I have collected some best examples of black business cards embossed with different color ink and designs and also take a look at recent creative business cards for inspiration we have listed. Have a look!

1.Meet – Business Card

Meet - Business Card

2.Loyal Card Embossed Post

Loyal Card Embossed Post

3.Embossed Business Card Mockup

Embossed Business Card Mockup

4.Camp Out Yonder Business Cards

Camp Out Yonder Business Cards

5.Business Cards

Business Cards

6.Dreams in Motion Businesscard

Dreams in Motion Businesscard

7.Herb Thistle Card

Herb Thistle Card

8.Motor City Services Business Card Design

Motor City Services Business Card Design

9.Chôm Chôm

Chôm Chôm

10.Stamp on Embossed Cardstock Christmas Card

Stamp on Embossed Cardstock Christmas Card

11.Zanet Rebound

Zanet Rebound

12.Cutout Wood & Embossed B-Card MockUp (Freebie)

Cutout Wood & Embossed B-Card MockUp (Freebie)


13. Ink Embossing Card

Ink Embossing Card



15. FGR Design

FGR Design

16. Villainy and Associates

Villainy and Associates

17. Jaclyn Studor

Jaclyn Studor
White embossed cards also hold special sophistication in its design. If you are going with the decision of selecting white color embossing cards then you are surely making the wise decision. More ahead and give your business a spectacular look. Check out the following best collection of white business cards that have been embossed with some attractive patterns, styles and designs.

18. Little Bird

Little Bird

19. MK-bc


20. Gabbie Lee

Gabbie Lee

21. Nalaboff


22. Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron

23. Pixel 9 Studio Business Cards

Pixel 9 Studio Business Cards

24. Farm


25. Self Promo Work

Self Promo Work

26. Clark

B. Clark


Black and white business cards however look ultimate, but it puts an extra impression on second person, if you are giving him/her a red, blue, yellow, green or a card of any other color other than black or white. If you own a media agency, the colored business cards with embossing designs will enhance your reputation and impression among clients and partners. The design and fashion industries also can make solid impression if they select colored embossed cards for business promotions. If you want to see some excellent examples of color business cards with embossed designs and texts, then check out the following set to get some inspiration.

27. Embossed card

Embossed Card

28. Erenzweig Vintage

Erenzweig Vintage

29. Analogue Business Cards

Analogue Business Cards

30. NetTel


31. Handmade Business Card

Handmade Business Card

32. Personal Business Card

Personal Business Card

33. Testing with Embossing & Spot Varnishing

Testing with Embossing & Spot Varnishing


Business cards with golden ink embossing design are another best option to highlight business message. It always looks best when we use golden ink or embossing design on black or white cards or paper. Either you use dull or bright golden ink on business cards, both gives your cards an awesome look so whenever you decide to use black or white color business card, use golden embossing. Check how these following black color embossing cards can allow your partners and clients to keep cards in their wallets forever.

34. Design Studio Card

Design Studio Card

35. Katrina Notaro

Katrina Notaro

36. FDG Business

FDG Business

37. Wedding Art

Wedding Art


Now, it is time to discuss some silver ink or embossing patterns on business cards and how it makes cards unique and identical than other styles of cards. Likewise golden, silver color also look best when applied on black as well as on white paper or card, but also looks great if used on color other than black & white.

For example check out the following brownish color business card with silver embossing. Please note that it is recessed style of embossing.

38. Erdca



Check this silver metal business card with embossed logo. You can use this idea for your business cards but with some different style or pattern.

39. Metal Embossed Logo Card

Metal Embossed Card

Following business cards are being created with silver ink embossing.

40. Healy Energy

Healy Energy

41. Projekt


42. Sapps Business

Sapps Business


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