ETORO Review: Is Etoro A Scam Or Savior?

You’re welcome to join us if you have yet to hear about Crypto. Since the epidemic began, the economy has rebounded strongly, and the stock market has broken all records.


Forex trading is based on the exchange of foreign currencies, and nowadays, many people jump into the Forex market to make quick money. However, it is imperative to note that this is not a money-making scheme. So you need to maintain discipline while trading as it is highly volatile, and you have equal chances of losing money. The probability is just 50 per cent; thus, trade should be made with a suitable balance of risk.

However, even though foreign exchange trading has been a significant global market from its inception, it has grown tremendously as the internet and computer technology have become more widely available. Forex trading comprised a relatively exclusive circle of investment bankers, large financial institutions, and private brokers until the last decade.

Where To Invest: Best Crypto & Stocks

There are many reputable forex companies on the internet – and Etoro is one of them. One of the things that set E-Toro apart from other top forex platforms is the ability for anyone who signs up to copy the most successful existing traders.

This means you can easily mirror the same trades as Etoro’s most successful currency traders, which is a huge bonus. You can watch which traders are the most successful – and make the most money – and then make the same trades yourself.

Is Etoro Safe?

Etoro manages over $9.4 billion. The FDIC insures cash deposits and SIPC investments. The company has never reported security breaches and client money losses. EToro deserves your trust. This trading platform is regulated like many of its US-based counterparts and can securely handle billions of dollars.

Etoro Account Security

Etoro has invested time and money in account security and encrypts all data you send through TLS. Etoro conserves data with firewalls and cold storage. They hire ethical hackers to find firewall bugs for bug bounty programs. Multi-factor authentication protects user accounts. When MFA is enabled, you must sign in using your phone.

Two-factor authentication, sometimes known as “2FA,” is an additional security measure that users can enable if they choose.

Money Safety on Etoro

The social copy trading feature is the primary selling point of the eToro trading platform. Users who want to avoid trading themselves but want to mimic the transactions of successful investors can do so using this feature. This is made possible by eToro’s provision of a messaging tool, a social media feed, and other comparable add-ons, all of which will be discussed in greater depth in the following paragraphs. Trading platforms that are entirely automated are not allowed.

Etoro Ended 2020 with $600 Million

Exchange platform eToro is experiencing a stellar year of growth as novice traders seek new avenues into financial markets, including cryptocurrencies. The online brokerage firm ended 2020 with $600 million in gross revenue, with a total trading volume up 40% to $1.5 trillion.

You can find a full etoro uk review from financial experts here.

Etoro Regulations

EToro is subject to oversight and regulation from top-tier financial authorities such as the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FinCen. The funds belonging to customers are stored at reputable financial institutions, and an SSL certificate is used to safeguard the customers’ personal information. When conducting business using your web browser, you should always keep an eye out for security signals.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects investors in the United Kingdom (FSCS). Investors in Europe who use eToro Europe are safeguarded by the Investor Compensation Fund, which was established to protect customers of investment firms based in Cyprus and has a maximum liability of €20,000.

If you have established a level of credibility with Etoro and want to start trading, the first step is to determine which currency pair to trade in. Click on the link to know about the forex best pairs to trade.


As can be seen, eToro is a trustworthy and reliable site. They offer good services and are upfront and honest about the rates they charge. Numerous countries’ most stringent regulatory bodies in the financial industry oversee eToro’s operations. Funds are kept at tier 1 banks. They have implemented several dynamic security measures to safeguard the assets and finances of their customers.

EToro is a cutting-edge investing platform that connects you with other financial market participants. It is a wonderful service that can teach you how to trade, help you grow your portfolio, and educate you on various trading strategies from industry professionals.

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