Everything You Need to Know About Custom Pre-Rolls Packaging

Custom pre-roll packaging is the newest trend in the pre-roll industry. Brands use customized pre-roll packaging to showcase their professional brilliance effectively and gain customers’ attention. Let’s check out custom pre-roll packaging in detail.

What Are Pre-Rolls?

As you must have guessed by the name, pre-roll is pre-prepared and rolled joints. The premium quality, pure, and highly effective pre-roll joints contain shreddings of the cannabis flower. Second-grade pre-roll joints contain a mixture of cannabis flowers, twigs, and other parts of the plant.

The cannabis flower contains the maximum concentration of the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid. THC is the chemical compound responsible for the signature “euphoric effect” or “high” you get from smoking the pre-roll joints. Hence, the pre-roll joints containing pure shreddings of the cannabis flower are of the best quality. 

Reliable and trustworthy pre-roll brands mention the product information, including the cannabis percentage and the expected euphoric effect of the pre-roll joints on the pre-roll packaging.

What is Custom Pre-Roll Packaging?

Custom pre-roll packaging allows you to personalize the packaging in every way possible. These customizations include choosing the packaging material, favorite color scheme, font style, brand logo, prints, packaging designs, etc.

The Boom of Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

After the alterations regarding cannabis use in different industries, the cannabis market has progressed exponentially. Whether people are pro-marijuana use or against it, everybody is talking about cannabis products. The impressive increase in the cannabis industry and huge public interest in pre-rolls positively impact numerous other industries.

The pre-roll packaging industry is among those rapidly progressing industries. Brands and consumers started taking a huge interest in the aesthetics, usability, and feasibility of pre-roll packaging. Hence, comes numerous new and improved pre-roll packaging designs.

Consumers opt for brands that offer easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing custom pre-roll packaging designs. In short, custom pre-roll packaging has become one of the crucial marketing strategies for a pre-roll business to sustain and succeed in the market.

Commonly Used Manufacturing for Pre-roll Packaging

The following are the most commonly used custom pre-roll packaging materials.

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Paper boxes
  • Glass
  • Hemp material
  • Glassine
  • Ocean-reclaimed plastic
  • Recycled plastic

Popular Pre-Roll Packaging Designs

The pre-roll market is overwhelmingly loaded with user-friendly and appealing pre-roll packaging designs. Following are the most popular packaging designs among the lot.

  • Pre-Roll Tin Packaging
  • Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes
  • Pre-Roll Bags & Pouches
  • Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes
  • Custom Pre-Roll boxes

Things to Consider for Creating the Best Pre-Roll Packaging for Your Business

Custom pre-roll packaging can be the most successful solution you are looking for if you run a pre-roll business and wish to boost your sales. Here we have mentioned some of the most significant features of custom pre-roll packaging to increase sales.

Create a Unique and Distinguishing Brand Logo

A brand logo serves as the company’s identity. Create an attractive and appealing logo instantly engraved in the consumer’s mind. A successfully designed logo is one that, wherever people see that image, they’ll immediately remember the brand’s name.

We advise you to properly invest time, effort, and funds to create a presentable and memorable brand logo. Additionally, a thoughtfully designed logo helps distinguish your brand from competitors, improving your brand’s image in the market.

Developing a logo will help portray the brand’s identity if you have recently launched your pre-roll brand. Also, adding a logo on the custom pre-roll packaging will showcase the brand’s professional approach.

Use Enticing Color Theme

Previously, the aesthetics of the pre-roll packaging should have been noticed by the brands and the consumers. However, after the boom of the pre-roll industry, everyone started to take much interest in the product’s appearance.

Custom pre-roll packaging with an attractive and appealing color scheme will surely attract a huge customer base. We advise using an elegant, calming, and delightful color theme for your pre-roll packaging.

Gone are the days when customers dwell on flashy and excessively shiny product packaging, and modern cannabis consumers prefer subtle, soothing, and pleasant pre-roll packaging.

Portray Target Audience’s Interests Through Packaging

Pre-roll packaging offers an effective marketing tool for the pre-roll brands to express the target audience’s interests and preferences. The ability to customize offers you the creative freedom to design the pre-roll packaging in any way you wish. Now, packaging companies have offered numerous pre-roll packaging types considering consumer preferences and feasibility.

Glass pre-roll tubes, plastic pop-top tubes, child-resistant pre-roll packaging, metallic tins, and custom pre-roll boxes are some of the most popular pre-roll packaging designs.

Keep the Packaging Size per the Pre-Roll Size

Pre-roll packaging size holds immense significance in selling the product. Typically, any product packaged in a wrongly sized box, tube, or pouch will not be able to attract customers, losing a massive chunk of potential customers. Therefore, all pre-roll businesses should double-check the measurements before placing the order.

If you are a pre-roll consumer looking for the best brand in the market, check how well the brand has packaged the product. Indeed, a lot of time, effort, and thought process goes into creating the best packaging.

Hence, if a brand has invested its time in making the best pre-roll packaging, it must follow high-quality standards throughout production.

Print Quality

Product packaging is essential for the image building of any brand. Therefore, the packaging should feel and look exceptional. One of the crucial factors in determining the aesthetic quality of the packaging is its printing.

If the design or the writing printed on the packaging is blurred, or the actual color scheme is not popping out, it will fail to grab the customer’s attention. Contrarily, exceptional printing quality will instantly entice customers and allure them to buy the product.

In Conclusion

The custom pre-roll packaging allows the brands to explore and use various designs, styles, and color schemes to entice their target user. And the pre-roll consumer gets to experience feasible, convenient, and easy-to-use packaging adorned with beautiful prints and soothing colors. We hope you have found this read interesting and informative.

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