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33 Examples of Logo design using Circular Logos

Certainly, the logo designing is an art, but it is not necessary you must be an artist or expert designer in order to create some stunning logo designs. Everyone can create logos in a way he/she want for personal and commercial use. What you have to do is to learn some basic tricks and tips that will lead you towards designing the awesome logos in less time with accurate proficiency. Some basic start ups for designing the perfect logo is to initiate with some circle shapes. This is because most of the companies use the circular logo designs for their company’s websites due to several reasons. Circular logos suit best to any brand, product or services and give the competency to company’s impression.

This is why; I decided to inspire you with some circular logo examples so you can get some brilliant ideas about creating your own logos by using it as a start up. However, some of the following logos are simply created while other are being designed with some creativeness crafted in simple circular icons. Some other logos are designed in flowery shape while some of them are in a shape of animals. It doesn’t matter what the final design we have, the start up can be borrow from a simple circle icon. Check out each logo and see how it has been created with little effort and skill, but look fabulous when prepared.

Following ten logos are designed with simple circular icons by giving them slightly amendments and designing. Some attractive color combination and addition of simple icons in a circle can give you brilliant designs. Check out the following logos and see a little effort can create perfect logos for you and your clients. Impress them with you skill and creativeness even when you are not a professional designer or a newbie in this field.

1. Z Logo

Look at this logo, simply the Z letter has been crafted in it to give it a fabulous glance as a company logo. You can craft any letter you need to be added.

Z Logo

2. Weave

This is another best example of general circular logo. It has been designed with simple yet colorful ribbon patterns.


3. Nutriplaza Health Club

In this logo, a tree is used as an additional icon to complete it, however theme is circular.

Nutriplaza Health Club


4. Thermoreg

It is also a simple circle but given it an electric waves to create impression in it.


Following are simplest form of circular logos, have a look.

5. Lifecycles Wellness

Lifecycles Wellness

6. Waterblossom


7. Wing Chun Punch Club

Wing Chun Punch Club

8. Canton Community

Canton Community

9. YC


10. Vietnamese Tutor

Vietnamese Tutor

11. MHX


12. Ephphatha Print House

Ephphatha Print House

13. Innovative Industrial Supplies

Innovative Industrial Supplies

This is true, when we use our hidden talent; we always give out some creative things. Same matter goes with designing the creative logos. As our today’s theme is circular logo, we will discuss how you can create stunning logos only when you add some creativity in them. For instance, by changing color or drawing some artistic elements or icons within the circle can make your logo more impressive and appealing. Check out the following creative circular logos and see how much it is simple to create perfect logos like these ones.

14. Raise


15. Folding@Home Team

Folding@Home Team

16. Greenvis Logo

Greenvis Logo

17. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Logo

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Logo

18. Euro Vest Capital Logo

Euro Vest Capital LOGO

19. Shaman Mate-Club

Shaman mate-club

Ok now, let’s discuss some floral creativity in circular shapes to make some awesome logos. You can make excellent flowery circular logos if you give them slight amendments. Any color you add, any floral style you adopt, your logo will look inspiring and will make ultimate impression on your customers and partners. Check out how this is possible?

Apart from simple floral pattern, if you use some geometrical amendments, you can have stunning circular shape logos that will give both geometrical and floral glance at same time. For example check out the following log that contains some geometrical patterns that create floral impact in logo.


20. NWK Communication Training

NWK Communication Training

In this logo, both the geometrical as well as the floral/tree pattern has been used according to the theme or nature of the business.

21. Logotipo


Each of the following logo has the geometrically crafted floral pattern in several styles and colors. One thing that needs to be considered is the theme of the logo, which is a circular. All these logos are created within this theme by giving slight amendments and patterns to make them floral look. You will see mostly logos are designed with geometrical creativity.

22. The Insurance Octopus

The Insurance Octopus

23. Equity & Diversity

Equity & Diversity

24. BP


25. Orbitale


26. Photography Logo

Photography Logo

27. Cattie


If your client loves animals and birds or may be it seems appropriate to use some animal or bird as a theme of a logo that will suit best to company’s vision and mission then you should have a look on following logos. All these logos contain animal or bird as main elements as well as all of them are in circular shapes. The circle is a base of all these logos and rest of the work is done by some creativity skill to design the perfect logos.

28. Bellus


29. Menesse Condos

Menesse condos

30. Fish & Farm

Fish & Farm

31. Farm Logo

Farm Logo

32. Brown Owl

Brown Owl

33. Bird Logo Design

Bird Logo Design

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