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35 Amazing Examples of Bat Logos in Modern Design

As a designer, you know how important it is be inspired. Without proper inspiration, it is very hard to rely only on your creativity. And when it comes to inspirations, everything under the sun could work as your inspiration. While some will strike you instantly, others will take some time to evolve fully. And you need to spend a good amount of time searching for these inspirations. However, you have other things to do besides looking for inspirations, obviously. That’s why we are trying to collect the best inspirations from around the internet and showcase them to you.

Today, we will show you some of the best logos that are based on bats. When we thing of bats, most of us are thinking about the comic or the movies based on that famous character. However, designers around the world have shown that this creature could be used for designing other logos too. We hope these logos will spark your creative mind and provide you with new ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out. Also take time to find relative innovative logo designs.

Happy Halloween

halloween logo with bat

Bat Music

Soundwaves are a thing for music and with bat to your logo can add some sweet effects.

Beat Bat Music logo

Dribbble Meetup

dribbble meet up logo

Bat Taco

Bat Taco logo with nice design

Sound wave

Sound wave with a bat, music logo design


Zubat-Pokemon-Branding with a bat in logo

Fangs or No Fangs?

bat llogo designs

1. Cloud Bat

Cloud Bat

The Cloud Bat logo could be used for any service related to cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud security etc. In the logo, the bat protects the cloud by its wings.

2. Vampire winery

Vampire winery

This logo could be easily used for any bar, pub, wine house or restaurant. Along with the bat, there’s a wine glass too, which will strengthen the brand appeal.

3. BatBar


Combining bat and bar, this creative logo actually has a bottle in the negative space.

4. Nighthanger


In this logo, a bat hangs on the hanger. It could be used for clothes stores, clubs, party music stores or anything that relates to night time activities.

5. Luv Bat

Luv Bat

This funny looking logo contains a laughing bat. And what’s more, the mouth of the heart is shape-liked too.

6. Basketball team

Basketball team

Designed for a basketball team, this logo combines a large bat and the name of the team.

7. Batbrella


The name says it all – the logo combines a bat and an umbrella. Like the previous logo, this logo also comes with a variety of potential applications.

8. Batmail


Combining a bat and an envelope, you can use this logo for email or postal services.

9. Movember


Designed for Movember, an annual event of moustache enthusiasts, this logo combines a moustache and a bat in an attractive package.

10. Bat Heart

Bat Heart

This cute logo features a bat in a heart. It could be the perfect choice for dating sites, animal sites, fashion, jewelry etc.

11. Media Bat

Media Bat

As the logo forms both a bat and the letter M, it is possible to use the logo in various services.



It seems there are lots of bat logos for restaurants and bars. This is another of those logos with both a bat and a wine glass.

13. Vampbarz


See what I was talking about? Yet another bat logo for bars or anything related to drinks. Nonetheless, this one shows creativity.

14. Batty


Another cute bat logo, well it is a bat child actually. And a very happy one indeed.

15. MysteryBat


This dark, mysterious bat also has a hidden M between its wings. The logo could be used as clan signs for games, horror books, magazines or websites.

16. Rustic Dungeon

Rustic Dungeon

Created for a pizzeria, this logo features a healthy bat with wings wide open.

17. Hurlbats


Designed as a personal project, the Hurlbats logos feature bats with open wings.

18. Bat


It is a simple bat logo with a star inside. Though the logo does not indicate any specific industry, you can easily use for clothing, apparels or music clients.

19. Insomnia


With the large eyes, it seems the insomniac bat of this logo can’t sleep. The cool logo could be used in different industries.

20. Bat in colors

Bat in colors

Yet another bat logo designed by Alex Tass. The logo could be an ideal choice for using in personal branding or portfolios.



Batronox features a rather geeky bat. Besides technology related industries, you can use this logo for other purposes too.

22. Batbiz


This bat logo puts a lot of emphasis on the word B. So, if the name of your business or service starts with B, you can definitely consider it.

23. Batwriter


This one has a rather specific target group – writers. The bat in the logo is cleverly designed to appear like the nib of a pen.

24. Bat Basketball

Bat Basketball

This is the second bat logo for basketball in our today’s list. With the bat holding on to the basketball, the message is pretty evident.

25. Menacing Creature

Menacing Creature

Bored with all that black and white bats? Here’s your refuge. This bat-like creature looks like an octopus too.



With a modern, unique look, the Badbat logo could be easily used for any personal or business purpose.

27. Batwomen


Don’t let the name throw you out. You can brand the logo as you like.

28. Bats Lacrosse 2

Bats Lacrosse 2

This big and bold bat logo features a faded texture too. The logo could be used for sports, music or clothing industries.

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