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30 Awesome Examples of Street Photography

Street photography requires creativity, strength and the desire to find the perfect place and moment. Street photography can be formal and informal also. You will need to make the most out of natural poses and put some technical stuff in your photography also. For a painter a piece of canvas is very important and for a street photographer a nice DSLR holds the same importance. Apart from learning the right techniques of photography, you will need to look for the perfect moment.

Developing a strong connection with the subject of the picture and creating a magical yet realistic effect, is not a simple job. For street shots, you cannot setup lights, filters, lenses and a tripod to get a picture. These provisions are not useful for a street photographer. We can say that it is one of the most sophisticated and interesting type of photography. Let’s have a look at 30 most interesting examples of street photography.

1. Dark Alley

Though it is a dark alley but it has been captured beautifully with the help of still camera. You can observe the details of this street. It is a creative shot.

Dark Alley

2. Dark day

Basically it is a bright dark day; the photographer has used a special effect to come up with this result. The shadows of the trees add drama to this amazing photo.

Dark day

3. Walking in the rain

We all know that the umbrella is the main point of this picture, or we can say the focal point. The picture has been taken from a particular height. Though grey in shade but it is a mesmerizing photo.

Walking in the rain

4. Street Ballerina

Photographer has tried to capture the real essence of this picture and succeeded in doing so. It is a picture full of life, movement and well composed. You need to try a similar shot.

Street Ballerina

5. Pont de la Jacques cartel

All of the metal structures give some sort of detail. It is one of the most well balanced photographs.

Pont de la Jacques cartel

6. The shadow

Look like an epic scene from a movie. Well this photograph tells us about the overall mood of the environment. We can see the correct amount of light, hope and progress in this picture.

The shadow

7. Hydrant

Street photography can become boring if, you are not a keen observer. This pic comes from a real photography enthusiast.


8. Vineyard riding

A romantic and a happy photograph it is. You see a happy couple, vineyard, small road, clouds, sunset and a lot more in this picture. You will need a stick to capture this picture.

Vineyard riding

9. Electric super trees, Singapore

It is a fine, clean and a wide photograph. You can see the tidy city, its concrete buildings, big wheel and the electric super trees. It is one of the most convincing street photographs.

Electric super trees, Singapore

10. Crossing the street

You can see a couple holding hands and crossing the street. The photographer has captured it an extremely brilliant moment.

Crossing the street

11. Driving in blue

It takes some time and experience to come up with such beautiful pictures.

Driving in blue

12. Shopping in snow

A couple having a fine moment while shopping. You can see the snowfall detail and the happiness in this picture. Thumbs up for the photographer.

Shopping in snow

13. Bustling city

You can see the India gate and the traffic in front of it. This shot has been taken with the help of long exposure technique.

Bustling city

14. Flowers and wall

The white wall has added some spice to this picture. Flowers look beautiful and the angle adopted by the photographer is also a plus point.

Flowers and wall

15. Staring cat

We can say that it is a well-focused picture. The photographer has been able to grab hold of the moment and captured the cat staring in an eerie manner.

Staring cat

16. Braving the snow

You can see a business man calling the cab. It’s snowing and the picture gives an account of the human response. For such pictures, you need to show patience and the make a click on the right moment.

Braving the snow

17. Mariachi Band

A lively street picture and you can see a mariachi band performing and walking. Happiness and movement has been captured well.

Mariachi Band

18. Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle

19. Old streets in Brasov

It is a powerful photograph, its silent, packed with history, has scars of time and the weather is cloudy. It is one of the most daring and creative street shots.

Old streets in Brasov

20. Shopping

Yes, you are seeing a happy man shopping at a farmers market. It is a well-composed picture. Not at all a difficult one and you can try capturing similar photographs of your friends and family.


21. Getting the taxi

Captured at the right time and at the perfect angle, this picture tells us about the daily happenings around us.

Getting the taxi

22. Carrying the saddle

The girl in this picture looks quite ready for the shot. But anyways it is an amazing picture that tells us about true beauty.

Carrying the saddle

23. Autumn

Autumn looks interesting here. A few dried leaves resting peacefully by the cobblestone path have been clicked perfectly.


24. Red bike

It’s nothing but a red bike. It looks quite interesting in this picture, due to its details.

Red bike

25. Landing

Just imagine the timing of this photograph.


26. Staring dog

You see a dog staring right at you; yes that’s the talent of the photographer. One of the best stills.

Staring dog

27. Concrete jungle

Concrete jungles are not much indulging for the nature lovers. But this pictures needs to be appreciated due to its high quality and perfect camera angle.

Concrete jungle

28. Adorable friends

Most women would be like aw. Yes, it is a cute picture of two friends, who are out for some window shopping. You can see that photographer has captured this moment in a perfect manner.

Adorable friends

29. The empty chair

This picture has different meanings. You need to realize that the light balance, shadow strength, color combination and the overall atmosphere of this picture is all in harmony.

The empty chair

30. Call me

A telephone used by many people daily, sits peacefully. It must have heard a lot of interesting stories.

Call me

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