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20 Fabulous Examples of Waterscapes Photography

Nature provides us with an endless opportunity to explore our skills. All you need is a keen observation, passion for photography and the right tools to interpret your observations. Most of the successful photographers have taken inspiration from natural landscapes. In this article, we will see the 20 most interesting and well-photographed waterscapes. For beginners, it is important to know that waterscapes are different from the landscapes, as waterscapes photography include both- stretch of water and land.

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1. Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall

It is a well-captured and interesting waterscape. Nature lover can easily observe all the earthly elements: water, earth, greenery, trees, stones and pool of water. It is certainly one of the best waterscape shots that you will see.
Huay Mae Kamin Waterfall in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand

2. Sunset over Barnegat Lighthouse

We can say that the photographer has spent some time and captured this wonderful shot. You can see the details and the waterscape clearly. It is a majestic photo that celebrates man-made construction with the scenes of nature. Just see the sunset on right and the greenery of left, it is a wonderful effort. It’s a photo, worth a try.
Sunset over Barnegat Lighthouse

3. Milky Sunset

There is always something fascinating about the sunset. This picture gives us an idea about the techniques, used by the photographer, to come up with the best results. It’s a picture to fall in love with.
Milky Sunset

4. Lake

It is a prime example of artistic waterscape photo. Thick woods, autumn, lake, crystal clear water and a few log houses, it is a perfect scene for a waterscape picture. It’s an amazing photograph.

5. Obernbergsee-Tirol

Let’s see if, you can come up with a similar photograph. Isn’t it breathtaking?

6. Sunrise at Main Beach

Sunrise is also worth capturing, just like a sunset and this photo is a sample. It is a beautiful waterscape photo.
Sunrise at main beach

7. Sarakiniko II

It is a daring shot. You will need to climb and get to an amazing altitude to be able to capture this one. Just examine the beautiful tiny reservoir of water and ice around it.


8. The Arch

It is a rough, dry and rocky coastline. No extra filters and editing tools have been used to glorify the picture. It’s an amazing shot of Mother Nature, as it exists.

The Arch

9. Eilean Donon Castle

I don’t think so that, you have seen a more perfect distant image of this castle than the image below. It is a clear picture of how waterscapes blend with the man-made buildings in a perfect manner.

Eilean Donon Castle

10. A Fiery Sunset

It is an extremely energetic shot. Takes time and patience to come up with this sort of creative pictures. Nature can always appear beautiful and impressive. Clouds and water have further added to the drama of this sunset.

A Fiery Sunset

11. Golden Gate

An interesting and traditional piece of photography, which tells us a lot about the beauty of waterscapes.

Golden Gate

12. Samuel Beckett Bridge II

Mankind has come up with some interesting developments too. Sometimes a blend of nature and our concrete buildings can appear motivating too.

Samuel Brackett Bridge II

13. Pier Zingst

All blue and still full of life. This photograph is more about the mood and feel of that atmosphere at the pier. It is certainly a challenging photograph.

Pier Zingst

14. Pamukalle

You must be mesmerized with the beauty of nature in this single picture. The sun coming through the clouds and the interesting waterscape, it’s all very cool. I leave it on you to find out more about this beautiful art of nature.


15. Venice by Night

Quite jealous? Well I must say that a lucky photographer has captured the lights, buildings and the waterscape in the exact manner, as should have been done. Why don’t you come up with something like this?

Venice by Night

16. Bear Lilies

Someone had dared to develop a fascinating image.

Bear Lilies

17. Fall Colors

It is just like a wonderful painting. All you need is the perfect time, place and opportunity to snap this photograph. The waterscape looks perfect and the bridge further adds to its beauty.

Fall Colors

18. The Park Waterfall

It is an extremely colorful waterscape photograph. All you need is a tripod stand to capture the movement of water, while the camera remains still. The green effect has boosted the quality of the picture.

The Park Waterfall

19. Yosemite Falls

It is a powerful photograph. You will need a tripod stand to capture this photo. Wide angle lens is also required to capture the contents of this picture. It is also one of the most impressing waterscape pictures that, I have ever come across. You will need some training to come up with this sort of marvel. But you can start trying today.

Yosemite Falls

20. Wissant WWBunker

It is a bunker erected during the world war. It sits peacefully now and is filled with sea water. Photographer has been able to capture this perfect waterscape with the help of long exposure shot. The colors and effects are fascinating.

Wissant WWBunker

A few tips that you must follow, for waterscape photography

Long exposure shots are the basic trick for waterscape photography. If, you are learning the tips and techniques of photography in the right manner, it is easy to develop mystical scenes. Waterscapes are actually powerful and you will need the help of exposure shots to get the desired results. The picture effect will vary from short to long exposure shots. Each will have its own effects.
But you will need to invest in some high quality DSLR camera and professional lens, to get the right waterscape photograph. Wide angle lens are perfect for waterscape and landscape shots. You need a proper lens to capture the atmosphere to the place and the perfect lens range liesin-between, 10-22. Most of the wide angle lenses of this range are expensive.
An experienced photographer knows the importance of a tripod. For long exposure shots, they are quite handy. You will be able to keep the camera still for a long period of time. For waterscapes, you only need to notice the movement of water. Anything else moving will spoil the picture.

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