Facing a Criminal Charge in Jersey? Here’s how You Can Avoid Unnecessary Consequences

Facing a criminal conviction in the state of New Jersey can have negative effects on many aspects of your life. These include child custody, finances, employment, reputation, and freedom. You could lose all of what you have instantly if you do not work closely with a Lento Law Firm criminal defense attorney. 

Although a lot is at stake when being charged with a crime in the state, you can also avoid necessary consequences. You must hire a defense lawyer who will fight the charges you are facing. Although there are many defenses you can use against the criminal charges you are facing, defending yourself is challenging. It requires in-depth knowledge of the law, extensive experience, and dedication. Below are some steps you can take to avoid unnecessary consequences of a criminal charge:

Only Discuss Your Case with Your Attorney

As a defendant, you must not be forced to speak or give statements to the police and prosecutors. Whatever information you might share voluntarily can be used against you. Even innocent statements can create issues for your defense. When facing a criminal charge, you must speak only with your attorney. You cannot discuss your case with even your family and friends.   

Consider What Has Occurred

When you face a criminal charge, you may concentrate on the immediate circumstances, particularly if the police detained you, pending trial. However, as you build a defense, you must think back to what occurred when the incident took place. This includes circumstances that led up to your arrest. Consider what took place when the police arrested you and what has taken place since. Your attorney can explore different defenses such as police mistakes. Thus, what the authorities did when they arrested you and beyond is essential to your case. 

Hire an Attorney

Consider hiring a defense attorney as soon as possible. They must do some work immediately and you want them to be present during your arraignment. As you face possible penalties and jail time, hiring a skilled attorney ensures you are protected legally. Your attorney can have the criminal charges dismissed or reduced. Also, they can negotiate a less harsh sentence should be you convicted. 

Once you hire a defense attorney, they can explain how you will fight the charges. There are several steps involved and you must be ready to do whatever is needed to avoid unnecessary consequences. Although your lawyer will take a lot of steps for you like presenting your case, making objections, and filing motions, you must stay actively involved in the process. 



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